Workforce Minimum Data Set to Play Role in NHS Workforce Training

A raft of important British healthcare institutions have submitted letters to GP practices all over the country regarding the Workforce Minimum Data Set (WMDS).

Health Education England, the Department of Health, NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) are all involved in this important initiative.

The letter provides important background on the role of WMDS in securing a well-trained workforce for the future.

It also includes details on the upcoming collection of data by the HSCIC, and the steps that GP practices need to take now to prepare.

The results of this process are due to be published before the end of this month.

Meanwhile, data collections will also take place at the beginning of October, with the latest submissions in the process required by the middle of November.

The organisations involved in the process were keen to emphasise that those who didn’t participate at an early stage can still get on board now.

WMDS is intended to help plan a future workforce for the healthcare service that meets the needs of all patients.

As primary care within the NHS comes under increasing workforce pressure, the data gathered as part of the WMDS process is intended to address this highly pressurised situation.

Central to the initiative is also improving staff training within the health service.

The first part of this process is to assemble an accurate picture of the existing workforce in order to fully understand the current skill set within the NHS.

This will make it possible to understand accurately the existing capacity within primary care.

Data will underpin the delivery of the joint 10-point plan agreed by the participating organisations, intended to catalyse the delivery of initiatives to ease workforce pressures in general practice.

This is merely the first year of a continuing process, in which data will be directly diverted into the Workforce Plan for England.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre is the organisation tasked with collecting the workforce Minimum Data Set.

HSCIC will contact healthcare professionals beginning from 1st October, with entries for this stage of the process closing on 14th November.

Healthcare professionals can visit the HSCIC website here.

Guidance documents and further information on accessing the Primary Care Web Tool for submitting data can be accessed here.

More information about the process can be acquired here.

Finally, HSCIC will answer questions directly on the process at Be sure to type ‘Workforce Collection’ in your subject heading when submitting an email.


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