Whistleblower Reveals Cambridgeshire Closure Decisions Taken Secretly

An NHS whistleblower has revealed that a decision has already been taken regarding the closure of minor injuries units at Doddington, Wisbech and Ely.

The news was leaked to the the MP for North East Cambridgeshire, Steve Barclay.

Barclay has already spoken out on the subject, furious about the secretive nature of the NHS decision.

“They decided the only option is to close these and it’s all hush hush because they are going to have a consultation- but it is already decided. In one of the areas of highest health need they are going to take these facilities away. I am very alarmed since when I have made inquiries on behalf of this community about minor injuries units I have been told number of options being looked at.”

The MP also considered it duplicitous that the public have been given the impression that the process was still under consultation when a decision had in fact already been made.

“Yet this source has provided evidence that it was decided internally there is only one option; cynically they intend to have a public consultation when it appears the decision is already taken,” Barclay commented.

There have also been reports that the local clinical commissioning group has radical plans for outpatient services, effectively eliminating local appointments in some areas.

This is undermining the future viability of services at some of the key local sites in the area, according to healthcare professionals.

Despite attempts by interested parties to contact the local clinical commissioning group, the MP Barclay states that the CCG “is not only failing to address legitimate questions I have raised but treating the community with contempt by failing to be open and going against the chief executive of NHS England about re shaping services around local communities”.

The level of staffing and patient numbers at all three local sites are still not been submitted to the office of the local MP, despite Freedom of Information requests having been submitted.

“It is self-evident that following massive management failure of the CCG in respect of older peoples it now appears they are planning to take services from an area of clear health need to increase provision in major hospitals requiring this area to travel further and to pay in petrol and parking to do so,” Barclay asserted.

Council leader Steve Count is in agreement with his local MP on the subject, suggesting that the clinical commissioning group has fundamentally failed to communicate adequately with the public.

“We are disturbed by these reports and such closures are of real concern, but we really need to understand the facts and the options. The catchments include areas of deprivation and loss of these services could therefore be hitting our most vulnerable communities. It is vitally important that all our communities continue to have an equality of access to a high standard of health care wherever they are in Cambridgeshire. We will be seeking discussions with the CCG to establish the facts and to find out what are their plans. We will put forward our concerns and those of thousands of people who these clinics serve.”

Despite the assumption that these closures will indeed go ahead, there has been no official confirmation on the matter as of yet.


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