Vanguard Project Floats New Care Model

A leading vanguard project will compose a £340 million contract with the intention of acquiring a single provider in order to oversee its new care model.

This arrangement will be in place by April 2018, if the All Together Better Sunderland multi-specialty community provider model is successful.

This new model attempts to ensure that health services, social care and the voluntary sector can be commingled in a collaborative process.

The overall aim is to ensure that vulnerable patients are spared the ignominy of needless hospital visits.

Five citywide integrated teams had previously been working on drafting an agreement between the various providers in separate contracts, but this process has now been scrapped in favour of the new collaborative arrangement.

Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group now intends to bring the vanguard under a single contract, simplifying the way that the process works in the region.

In order to deliver this, healthcare leaders throughout the area are currently exploring how the single entity can be instructed in order to provide services under a single contract.

The clinical commissioning group is hopeful that it will go live by April 2018, although there is no doubt that the complex processes involved could cause delays.

To pave the way for this, leaders across the region are exploring how to set up a single entity to fulfil that contract and provide services, with the CCG hoping it will be live by April 2018.

Sunderland CCG deputy chief officer Debbie Burnicle has commented on the issue, indicating the intention to create a singular organisation and contract.

“Our preference would be a new entity; it cannot just be more of the same. Our ambition is to have the new entity secured and in place by April 2018. We still need to come to a view about the best way to procure and commissioning that entity.”

The important contract being worst feeling £40 million, the clinical commissioning group as already establish agreements with the partners of the project.

These include the following organisations:

– Sunderland CCG;
– Sunderland city council;
– Sunderland GP Alliance;
– City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust;
– South Tyneside FT;
– Northumberland, Tyne and Wear FT;
– Age UK;
– Sunderland Care and Support.

And a senior leadership group is currently working on constructing and publishing a business case regarding the form that the new provider will ultimately take.

This is such a delicate and complex process that there has been no specific date set for its completion.

Burnicle noted that 2017/18 will be a “shadow year” for the new care model.

“We have existing contracts with existing providers who have agreed to work together, but it’s voluntary. It cannot continue to be a good will arrangement. We are trying to use [2017-18] as our shadow year where we will try to change the business, although not the care.”


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