Survey on National Maternity Review Launched

The Junior Health Minister has announced an opportunity for healthcare professionals to respond to this year’s National Maternity Review.

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, launched the review back in March, as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View.

This document forms a major part of the future direction of the NHS under a Conservative government.

In part of her role of chairing this review, the Junior Health Minister, Baroness Julia Cumberlege, has been inspired by meeting healthcare workers across the UK, and has thus offered this opportunity to healthcare professionals.

The maternity review assesses current maternity care provision across the country, with the intention of assessing how these critical services can be adapted to the evolving needs of women and babies.

Several working groups were also established in order to take the review forward, with NHS staff, professional bodies and patient representatives forming the backbone of these groups.

Areas that the maternity review particularly focused on were models of care, choice, professional culture and accountability, and levers and incentives.

The review also developed a detailed communications and engagement plan, in an attempt to ensure that the work carried out was both transparent and informed by a wide range of evidence.

Some of the more notable court team members of the National Maternity Review panel were as follows:

Baroness Julia Cumberlege (Chair)

Sir Cyril Chantler (Vice Chair)

Professor Cathy Warwick, Royal College of Midwives, Chief Executive

Dr David Richmond, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, President

Annie Francis, Neighbourhood Midwives, Chief Executive

Sarah Noble, Consultant Midwife, Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

Elizabeth Duff, NCT, Senior Policy Adviser

Alison Baum, Best Beginnings, Chief Executive

As part of the ongoing process of ensuring that the maternity review has been carried out to acceptable standards, healthcare professionals across the country have been encouraged to give their view on the subject.

The survey in question will be completely anonymous, and is also open to people outside of the healthcare professions who simply have a particular interest in maternity services.

Cumberlege has stated that the survey constitutes a series of relatively short and straightforward questions, but it provides the opportunity for people to share their particular experiences of maternity services.

The Junior Health Minister is particularly interested in finding out what could be done better within the NHS’ maternity services.

Interested parties can access the survey on the National Maternity Review by clicking here.

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