New Director Appointed at NHS Improvement

Mark Hackett has been appointed as an improvement director at NHS Improvement.

The new director has an excellent grounding in NHS affairs, being a former trust chief executive.

Hackett has surprisingly quit his prominent role at University Hospitals of North Midlands Trust last year.

But he will now attempt to assist Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust and East Kent Hospitals University FT on behalf of the watchdog.

East Kent Hospitals University FT has experienced financial difficulties following a £23 million deficit accumulated in the most recent financial year.

Board papers have revealed that the trust has been handed a £6.5 million deficit control target for the forthcoming financial year.

And Hackett will be essentially involved in devising a financial recovery plan for the struggling trust.

And while the details of this initiative have have yet to be finalised, it is known that reducing agency costs and the amount of money spent on supplies of services will be core aspects of the recovery scheme.

Reduced use of waiting list work, back office and clinical support consolidation, improving productivity, and effective vacancy management will also be involved.

The trust has already made some progress in achieving efficiency savings, with nearly £17 million being achieved over the last 12 months.

However, this is still a mere fraction of everything that the trust must ultimately achieve, as it is required to made £30 million worth of savings in the forthcoming financial year.

In order to achieve this, Hackett has already been collaborating with the finance team at the trust in order to deliver the largest savings plan in the region.

This new scheme has been described as “mission critical” by chief executive Mairead McAlinden.

In order to oversee the new planning, a financial improvement scrutiny committee will monitor the processes involved.

This has been set up specifically to report directly to the board of the trust, with McAlinden, non-executive director David Allen and Hackett all involved.

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