South West Yorkshire NHS Chief Executive to Retire

In news that will lead to a reorganisation of NHS services in Yorkshire, a major health figure has announced that he will step down from his existing position.

Steven Michael, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, has announced he will retire at the end of March next year.

Michael is also currently employed as chair of the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network, and he has announced that he will similarly step down from this position as part of his retirement.

The retirement of Mr Michael represents something of the end of an era for the NHS in south west Yorkshire.

Michael has worked within the health service since 1985, and has been an extremely successful Chief Executive in the decade in which he has been in charge of the mental health trust.

The supremo was appointed to the position of Chief Executive at the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust back in 2006, and has presided over a successful nine years for the organisation.

However, despite the fact that Michael has signalled his intention to stand down, he still has one particularly important duty to carry out before annulling his relationship with the NHS.

Michael will oversee a forthcoming Care Quality Commission inspection in March 2016, indeed just weeks before his final retirement.

Just days after the Care Quality Commission has assessed the efficacy of the South West Yorkshire Trust, Michael will hand over the reigns to a successor.

As Michael has only just made his retirement known to the trust, this successor has yet to be identified.

Commenting on his career within the NHS, Michael was extremely positive about his role as a Chief Executive in particular.

“It’s been a great privilege to occupy this position for nearly a decade. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I’m extremely proud of the organisation that it has become. I will leave next year with many happy memories to look back on, particularly of working with fantastic service users, carers, partner organisations, and an excellent group of staff,” Michael commented.

Stephen Dalton, Chief Executive of the MHN, was effusive about the contribution that Michael had made to healthcare in the south west Yorkshire region.

“Steven has made an important and sustained contribution over a long period of time, not only to his own trust and community, but also to the wider community across the country. He will be greatly missed by his colleagues, who will hope that he hasn’t left the stage completely.”

The South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust was first established back in 2002, and thus Michael has filled this critical role within the organisation for the majority of its existence.


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