Parkinson’s Health App to Improve Medical Adherence

A new software application intended to assist with Parkinson’s can assist medication adherence, according to new research.

Nature Parkinson’s journal printed the the study in question, which provides encouraging news for those suffering from this debilitating condition.

“Today’s NHS is all about embracing proven new technologies,” commented Juliet Bauer, NHS England’s Director of Digital Experience, while adding that a “growing evidence base shows online tools can make a real difference in healthcare delivery.”

The Parkinson’s research has been directly funded by the Department of Health; an example of the Small Business Research Initiative.

Estimations indicate that the incorporation of the digital platform into standard NHS care could lead to over £20 million in savings annually.

Costs related to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease have reached nearly £1 billion on an annual basis within the UK.

The new device has already been utilised in numerology department at various locations throughout the NHS system.

It has been particularly prominent and successful ass Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals, NHS Forth Valley in Scotland and King’s College Hospital in London.

Increasingly, the Department of Health’s strategy is based around embracing new technologies, and this latest software related to Parkinson’s is one such example.

Patients involved in the trial reportedly used the app, developed by uMotif, to input information about their symptoms and medicine intake over the course of 16 weeks.

This resulted in a recorded 10% improvement in medication adherence.

The result follows closely on the back of a Medtech Innovation Briefing published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

This revealed that a digital monitoring device was proven to be more effective in improving asthma medication adherence than standard asthma care.

As such technology develops and becomes more sophisticated, the lives of the healthcare professionals will increasingly be shaped and impacted upon by healthcare apps.

“Technology is transforming care and the patient experience,” said Nicola Blackwood, Minister for Public Health and Innovation. “Integrating technology into every day treatment offers potential benefits for patients, carers and healthcare professionals. I am determined to make sure our NHS embraces technologies like this.”

Recent evidence indicated that smartphone applications now represents 50% of all digital media in the United States, underlining the importance of this technology medium.


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