One third of pharmaceutical sector know nothing about new data protection regulations finds new survey

Pharmaceutical professionals across the UK are in danger of underestimating the huge changes that lie ahead in data protection – after a survey revealed almost one third aren’t even aware of the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation.

Carried out by information management experts Crown Records Management, the survey of IT decision-makers at UK companies with more than 200 employees tested how well prepared businesses are for the changes.

The results found that: (i) almost one third of IT decision-makers in the pharmaceutical sector (28 percent) are totally unaware of the changes – only the insurance sector came out worse; (ii) almost one third say they are waiting for the final details of the Regulation before taking any action; (iii) only one in three (33 percent) say their company is looking a staff training to prepare for the new Regulation – the lowest across all sectors; and (iv) 6 percent are not planning to make any changes at all.

“The results show that UK businesses, and particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry, are worryingly uninformed when it comes to preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation”, said John Culkin, Director of Information Management at Crown Records Management.

“It’s a concern that a third of businesses in the pharmaceutical sector are unaware of the big changes ahead. But the important question is not just whether businesses are worried or not, but whether they are being proactive and taking early action to prepare for the Regulation.”

However, there was some good news as Mr Culkin relates: “The results did show that more than half in the sector are planning to review information policies, and that’s important. Also 45 per cent have already appointed a Data Protection Officer, which is likely to be compulsory for many companies in future, and that’s the best figure across all sectors.

“Overall, our advice is that companies should begin an information audit as soon as possible and make positive changes as early as possible.

“With big fines for data breaches in future and strict guidelines on how quickly breaches should be reported there is work to do for many businesses across all sectors.”


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