NHS Improvement Contract Ready to be Announced as Countdown Continues

An important contract relating to NHS Improvement will be awarded this week as organisation in the health service continues to evolve.

The contract to design the structure of the NHS Improvement organisation is reported to be worth more than £1 million in total.

As part of the process of drawing up the structures related to this organisation, the successful consultancy will work alongside an integration director, producing a comprehensive operating model by February.

It is suggested that the work could also incorporate a leadership review and leadership development interventions of existing employees within the NHS Improvement organisation.

This wide ranging modus operandi will cover every aspect of the way that the new monitor will operate, with both structure and culture considered particularly important.

The new regulator has been created by the merger of Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority, and early plans suggest that it will come into force at some point in 2016.

Reports indicate that the principal focus for NHS Improvement will be to drive and support both urgent operational improvement at the front line and the long-term sustainability of the healthcare system.

As is increasingly the case across the NHS as a whole, it is suggested that collaborative working will be central to the plans of this organisation.

A successful bidder for the contract will ultimately work alongside an internal program management office.

It is suggested that this office will comprise around twenty people, with an integration director in place in order to oversee the operation.

The consultancy selected will have been judged on organisational design and a “high level transition plan and pipeline”.

This process will lead to a draft organisational structure being produced by the beginning of December, with a final version to follow by the end of 2015.

A comprehensive operating model is also considered particularly important to the bidding process, with metrics for assessing quality, finances and sustainability central to this notion.

The final strategy document is to be submitted by March of next year, and major organisations Deloitte, McKinsey and KPMG have reportedly been shortlisted.

Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust chief executive Jim Mackey was named as the first head of the new organisation earlier this month.

The creation of NHS Improvement comes at a time when regulation of the NHS is particularly important.

The existing regulator Monitor has had to take action against numerous trusts in recent months as financial difficulties across the NHS become increasingly apparent.

This was only too succinctly illustrated by recent financial results which suggests that the NHS as a whole will be £2 billion in deficit by the end of the existing fiscal year.


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