NHS England unveils its business plan for 2015/16 as Cameron pledges “seven-day NHS”

NHS England has published its business plan for 2015/16 which sets out ten priorities to improve quality and access to services for patients, drive better value for money and build the foundations for the future health and care system.

The ten priorities are: (i) improving the quality of care and access to cancer treatment; (ii) upgrading the quality of care and access to mental health and dementia services; (iii) transforming care for people with learning disabilities; (iv) tackling obesity and preventing diabetes; (v) redesigning urgent and emergency care services; (vi) strengthening primary care services; (vii) timely access to high-quality elective care; (viii) ensuring high quality and affordable specialised care; (ix) whole system change for future clinical and financial sustainability; and (x) foundations for improvement.

The business plan will continue NHS England’s engagement with diverse communities and commits to finding new ways to involve them directly in decisions about the future of health and care services and putting citizens at the centre of the design process of NHS services.

The unveiling of the business plan coincides with prime minister David Cameron’s announcement at the party’s spring forum today that, under a future Conservative government, all hospitals in England will provide “a truly seven-day NHS” by 2020.

Mr Cameron also said that more hospitals must provide top-level treatment at the weekend, starting with emergency care services.


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