NHS Employers responds to doctors and dentists contract reform report

A report on contract reform for both consultants and doctors & dentists in training has been welcomed by the NHS Employers organisation.

Contained in the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) report are recommendations and observations on the proposals put forward by the parties for reforming contracts for both doctors and dentists in training and consultants.

The remit for doctors and dentists in training covered England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: for consultants, the remit covered just England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Patients and employers want the delivery of the same high quality of care across the entire week and we welcome the report from DDRB as a key step towards achieving our ambition for seven-day services across the NHS”, said Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive of NHS Employers. “To afford and sustain seven-day services, employers need to overcome the current obstacles that exist and, as our evidence demonstrated, we firmly believe that the removal of the contractual opt-out for non-emergency work undertaken at weekends and evenings is crucial to improving the quality of patient care.

“We are also keen to progress with reform of the junior doctor contract to ensure that it is safe, fair, affordable and flexible enough to meet the needs of patients. Both we and the BMA have been pressing for reform for several years and a new contract is urgently needed.

“The report sets a clear direction for reform which is good news for patients and we now need to work together with our medical colleagues and their trade union, the BMA, to implement the changes the Secretary of State has endorsed.”





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