New End of Life Care Framework to Provide Personalised Care

A new end of life care framework will provide personalised care to terminally ill patients and their families.

Skills for Health Education England and Skills for Care have announced the new framework in a joint partnership.

The intention behind the collaboration is to deliver tailored and high-quality care and support to patients with advanced incurable illnesses.

Health Education England commissioned Skills for Health and Skills for Care in order to develop the framework.

This then becomes an expansion of the existing common core principles and competencies for individuals working within the sector.

It has been developed in close coordination with a steering group of healthcare organisations, hospices and academic institutions from around Britain.

Most individuals working in health and social care are likely to care for someone approaching their
end of life at some time.

It is intended that bringing core skills and knowledge together via this new initiative will ensure that organisations, service providers and clinical teams are able to benchmark their own standards, identify areas for improvement and take suitable steps to achieve this process.

The framework builds on the government’s national end of life care strategy, which concluded that everyone within the UK should have access to “high quality, personalised end off life care built around their specific needs”.

John Rogers of Skills for Health Commenting on the new partnership, outlining his view on the particular value of social care.

“Health and social care staff have the opportunity to make a positive difference to the experience of people who are at the end of their life, their families and carers; not just through palliative treatment but also through emotional support. This can be a rewarding but also demanding experience, requiring a diverse mixture of technical skills, knowledge, compassion and resilience. It is vital that staff are equipped to meet these expectations.”

Rodgers went on to explain the benefits of the new system as he sees it.

“This new framework will consolidate, clarify and benchmark the key knowledge and competences staff at all levels need to provide patients and their families with the very best support and care at this vulnerable time.”

Meanwhile, Sharon Allen, Chief Executive, Skills for Care, suggested that the new system will provide valuable support for social care workers.

“High-quality end of life care that supports people’s needs, as well as their family and support networks, is something everyone has an absolute right to expect. This easy-to-use framework supports social care and health workers to understand the key issues around good end of life care to make sure they can provide quality care and support when the person they are working with needs it the most.”


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