London Conference Discusses Latest in Agile

A London conference will examine how to create, implement and sustain Agile in public sector organisations.

The 13th annual Agile Business Conference (ABC 2015) will focus on ensuring that an Agile environment can be sustained across an organisation.

Due to be held in the city of London on the 6th and 7th October, the conference will be aimed at public sector directors, senior managers, CEOs, CIOs, IT directors, senior programme and project managers and other change managers.

The conference comes in the context of continuous change within the NHS, with organisations forced to balance the complex demands of a contemporary health service with often diminishing budgets.

It was before this backdrop that the Agile approach to healthcare was first defined and introduced, presenting a reaction against traditional, heavyweight, regulated and regimented methods.

As a fundamental part of Agile is embracing adaptability and evolution, it is considered to be able to respond more rapidly and appropriately to a continually changing organisational environment.

Thus, the London conference will be exploring how it is possible for public sector organisations to introduce and sustain an Agile environment.

This will be examined not merely in relation to individual projects, but also regarding how an entire organisation can be structured around Agile principles.

The two-day programme of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions is intended to benefit not only those who manage programmes, but also individuals who influence corporate strategy.

With a location in the heart of the city of London at 155 Bishopsgate, ABC 2015 will be readily accessible to both local residents and those travelling from further afield.

Prominent at the conference will be a keynote speech by Stephen Denning, former Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank, who also has a number of prestigious business accolades on his CV.

Denning will be discussing the ongoing transformation from hierarchical bureaucracy to the radically different staff management practices currently taking place.

Speaking about the forthcoming conference, Mary Henson, chief executive of the DSDM Consortium, which organises ABC together with conference partner UNICOM, stated:

“ABC 2015 recognises just how much Agile has now left the margins and become a mainstream management approach for public sector departments and organisations of all sizes. We will be focusing on the sharp end of this, looking at the challenges in introducing and implementing Agile across the organisation and, so important, the challenges of keeping an organisation truly Agile.”

Full details on the Agile conference are available by clicking here. ABC 2015 will also be sending out regular tweets during the event at ABC 2015.


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