LMCs Call for Capita to be Held to Account

LMCs are calling for NHS England to be held to account over problems with the primary care support service delivered by Capita.

And it is also suggested that surgeries affected by the poor working practices of Capita should be offered compensation.

LMC leaders have backed a motion which labelled the management of primary care support services by capita as “shambolic”.

With extra workload having been incurred in many cases, LMCs believe that many organisations within the healthcare system should receive financial remuneration.

And LMCs also suggested that NHS England must move to swiftly resolve any difficulties with outstanding payments.

Many GP practices are still owed monies by NHS England, while there are also problems with the performance list according to LMCs.

And the organisation also suggested that problems with the service should be communicated more rapidly and accurately to patients.

Dr Fay Wilson put forward an additional rider to the motion, demanding that Simon Stevens and NHS England be held to account for problems with the primary care support service.

“Let’s put some mustard on our sausage. We should be outraged, not dismayed. The head of NHS England should be held to account for this failure, and we should be saying so. Let’s escalate this to the organ grinder and not keep talking to the monkey.”

While Dr Nicola Hambridge, also speaking at the conference, told delegates that GPs working within the healthcare system have been badly let down by insufficient primary care support, and that this had even led to patients are being at risk.

“Month after month the problems continued. Practice managers lost days of their lives because of the problems, and GPs have lost work because of unnecessary performers list issues. If a GP had failed so often and in so many areas, they would have lost their contract a long time ago.”

Although NHS England has yet to respond to these calls, it has indicated that it is currently considering compensation for any practices affected by negative delivery of primary care support services.

Capita has acknowledged its problems with delivering the NHS services it is contracted to provide, making a statement last year.

“NHS England contracted Capita to both streamline delivery of GP support services and make significant cost savings across what was a highly localised service with unstandardised, generally unmeasured and in some cases, uncompliant processes. We have taken on this challenging initiative and we have openly apologised for the varied level of service experienced by some service users.”


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