Healthcare Professionals Pledge Commitment to Care in North of England

More than 120 healthcare professionals from across the north of England have pledged their commitment to improving the quality of care for patients in the region by forming a major new collaboration.

Known as ‘Q Members’, the healthcare providers gathered at the first event of its kind to learn about quality improvement work taking place across the North East and North Cumbria and discover how they could become involved.

The Q Community, led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement, is a UK-wide initiative bringing together frontline health and social care staff, patient leaders, managers, researchers and policymakers.

Its intention is to form a community to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate on improvement projects.

The event, organised by the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC), welcomed new Q Members and attracted national figures from the healthcare sector including Stacey Lally, Head of Delivery for Q at the Health Foundation.

Lally led discussions on how Members could take part in quality improvement work through Q by connecting, learning, exchanging and collaborating.

She also praised the AHSN NENC on its pioneering attitude towards the national initiative.

Lally indicated her belief that the new initiative could provide vital benefits for the healthcare system in the north of England.

“If you’re someone who is trying to improve standards in your healthcare setting, Q can provide you with a place to connect and collaborate with others. By making it much easier for people to share best practice and collaborate, Q aims to help make sure everywhere in the UK can tap into the ideas and inspiration of others working to the same aim.”

The Head of Delivery for Q also believes that the programme can enhance work already taking place at a local level.

“While we know there is a lot of great improvement work happening at a local level, often it is limited to a professional group, location or time-restricted project. Q is creating opportunities to expand on this at scale, in real time, embedded within the system and spanning beyond a single location or group.”

Hosted at the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, the event began with a patient story showcasing examples of best practice and less effective examples of care, highlighting the importance of quality improvement.

Throughout the day Q Members were encouraged to make a pledge on the purpose-built ‘scribe wall’, committing to give something back as a member and support quality improvement regionally.


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