Health Committee Seeks Opinions on Future of Social Care

The Health Committee of the British government has announced its inquiry into the impact of the comprehensive spending review on health and social care.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne recently announced the spending review in a Parliamentary statement.

There have already been criticisms from several sources on the provisions for social care included in the review, and the government has clearly decided to take these concerns on board.

The Health Committee has invited written submissions on the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on health and social care from medical professionals.

In particular, the Committee will be assessing:

  • The distribution of funding for health and social care across the spending review period;
  • Achieving efficiency savings: their source, scale and impact;
  • Achieving service transformation set out in the Five Year Forward View at scale and pace through transformation funds;
  • The impact and management of deficits in the NHS and social care;
  • The effect of cuts to non-NHS England health budgets e.g. public health, health education and Department of Health, and their impact on the Five Year Forward View;
  • Social care funding, including implications for quality and access to services, provider exit, funding mechanisms, increasing costs and the Care Act provisions;
  • Impact of the spending review on the integration of health and social care;
  • Quality and access in health and social care including the cost and implications of new policy objectives such as 7 day services;
  • Progress on achieving parity of esteem through funding for mental health services.

The Health Committee is seeking submissions of no longer than 300 words from people working at every level in the NHS.

Additionally, the thoughts of the general public will also be sought, with anyone having an interest in the topic able to submit their views.

It is expected that the committee will consider oral evidence related to this topic at some point in 2016, with the second quarter of the year, possibly after the new financial year begins, a likely date.

In accordance with this deadline, the Health Committee has set a final date for submitting evidence as Friday 22nd January, 2016.

All interested parties should ensure that their thoughts on the future of health and social care, clearly an extremely important subject area, are submitted by this date.

The Health Committee is a government department tasked with the examination of the policy, administration and expenditure of the Department of Health and its associated bodies.


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