GPC to Inform LMCs on Industrial Action Imminently

The GPC has indicated that it intends to contact LMCs as early as next week regarding decisions on whether or not to ballot doctors on potential mass resignations.

This revolutionary and controversial action will reach its three-month deadline at the end of next week.

Commenting on the issue, GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey indicated that action must be taken imminently if the issue is to be resolved satisfactorily.

“The timeframe for the motion is imminent. It is around 20 August [based on the conference motion timeframe]. It has obviously been discussed quite significantly within the GPC, and we have had a lot of engagement with NHS England since the conference itself. We are putting together a statement which we will be issuing shortly, relating to all these issues.”

The conference motion had declared LMCs did not accept that the GP Forward View was “an adequate response to the crisis in general practice and considers it to be sufficient grounds for a trade dispute”.

Numerous measures have been requested from NHS England, including setting a maximum limit on the number of patients GPs are required to attend to in a single day.

It is also requested that a nationally defined contract for GPs employed by other providers should be agreed.

The May LMC Conference motions in full are listed below:

AGENDA COMMITTEE to be proposed by Tower Hamlets: That conference does not accept the General Practice Forward View is an adequate response to the GPCs statement of need within the BMAs Urgent Prescription for General Practice, and considering this to be sufficient grounds for a trade dispute, unless the government agrees to accept the Urgent Prescription within 3 months of this conference, the GPC should ask the BMA to:

(i) ballot the profession on their willingness to sign undated resignations CARRIED

(ii) ballot the profession on their willingness to take industrial action CARRIED

(iii) ballot the profession as to what forms of industrial action they are prepared to take CARRIED

(iv) produce a report to practices on the options for taking industrial action that doesn’t breach their contracts CARRIED

AGENDA COMMITTEE to be proposed by Cambridgeshire: That conference with regards to the General Practice Forward View;

(i) Welcomes the acknowledgment of significant past underfunding and commitment to increased spending CARRIED

(ii) believes that most of the investment promised is conditional upon practices delivering transformation and service change CARRIED

(iii) recognises that only some of the demands of the profession have been included, and instructs GPC to continue to press for further dedicated resources to support GPs CARRIED

(iv) does not believe that there is sufficient urgency in the measures described CARRIED

(v) is concerned that the present financial state of the NHS makes the prospects of these financial flows unlikely CARRIED


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