GPC Passes Motion of No Confidence in Capita

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) has passed a motion of no confidence in Capita, illustrating the lack of faith that healthcare professionals have in the organisation delivering primary care support services.

A raft of failures from the company were cited in this verdict, with GPs across the NHS claiming that the security company is effectively putting lives at risk.

The verdict on Capita was passed at the annual meeting of the GPC, with doctors present at the confab citing of months of concerns around numerous areas of apparent failure.

Particularly voiced were issues over patient record transfer, delivery of supplies and payment problems, as a wealth of difficulties of dealing with a Capita where aired by general practitioners.

The GPC also suggested that plans to remove so-called ghost patients from surgery lists should be scrapped.

A statement from the British Medical Association indicated the depth of feeling on the subject, and called for NHS England to consider carefully its relationship with Capita.

“This decision was taken after months of concerns highlighted by practices in England about the failures in patient record transfer, delivery of supplies and payment problems since NHS England handed over responsibility to Capita, as well as the very real concerns highlighted yesterday in NHS England’s plans to remove patients from practice lists.”

It had begun implementing its new organisational schemes back in April, and numerous surgeries have come forward to express issues with the processes since then.

And the Information Commissioner’s Office is currently enquiring about information governance breaches involving Capita, as serious question marks over the efficacy of the organisation emerge.

Capita has centralised support services with the intention of saving £40 million pounds annually, but this has diminished support services according to many doctors.

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul commented on the issue, indicating that the quality of service being delivered by Capita is inadequate.

“The GPC has passed a vote of no confidence in Capita. We believe that the commissioned service they provide for primary care support in England is putting patients at risk and has caused serious disruption for general practice. The plans for removing patients from practice lists should be abandoned. Every person in the UK has a fundamental right to be registered with a local GP practice at all times. We are calling on NHS England to meet with GPC England to discuss these plans before any further action is taken.”

Dr Uzma Ahmad, Walsall LMC medical secretary and a member of GPC, concurred with the views of Nagpaul, and indicated that the committee is almost unanimous on the subject.

“We agree that Capita has not done what is expected of it and NHS England is not holding it to account. They have put patient safety at risk and there is more to come out around further concerns. At a time when we are under pressure, having problems with support services is another draw on general practice, and we are at a point where we cannot allow further damage.”


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