GP Leaders Seek Capita Assurances over Locums

GP leaders are concerned that the pension contributions of locum doctors are not being taken into consideration correctly.

The issue comes as a warning to primary care support provider Capita, which has been heavily criticised since it took on the contract involved.

Locum GPs cannot check that their pension payments are being made correctly as they are not receiving receipts, according to the General Practitioners Committee.

This is considered a fiasco by the authoritative medics’ body.

Dr Krishan Aggarwal warns that this is the biggest concern facing sessional GPs.

And there is evidence of regional variation within the system, with some locums having received monthly receipts, others annual statements, whilst some like doctors have been provided with nothing at all.

“This is probably the biggest concern I hear from sessional GPs. It seems illogical that we pay money in to a pension scheme each month and do not receive any form of receipt that the correct amount has been entered for the correct month. Considering the chaos that has occurred over the past year, we have advised Capita that members would need assurances that pension contributions have been added correctly to their pension record and to increase their confidence in Capita,” the aformentioned Aggarwal asserted,

Capita has indicated that it is working on instigating an acknowledgement system, but there are still concerns that this is being implemented adequately and quickly enough.

“We have asked for monthly receipts and an annual summary to determine that the contributions have been added correctly. Capita are considering this request and we will continue to press them for this as it’s an immediate, important issue that needs resolving,” Aggarwal asserted. “Capita have taken some positive steps in that they have updated the BACs reference process and their website to reflect the changes. But more still needs to be done to restore the confidence of GPs in this matter.”

Not for the first time responding to criticism, a spokeswoman for Capita indicated that efforts are being made to ensure that this is no longer an issue for locum doctors.

“Under the previous localised payment arrangements, acknowledgements for pension payments were provided on an ad hoc basis. One of the key improvements that PCSE [Primary Care Support England, run by Capita] is introducing will be the acknowledgment of receipt of all pension payments for all GPs.”

NHS England, Capita and the GPC sessional subcommittee are due to meet again within the next two weeks.

Capita is the largest business process outsourcing and professional services company in the UK, generating revenue in excess of £4.6 billion in 2015.


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