GMB Members Angry Over Inept Managers’ Golden Handshake

Members of the GMB are seeking assurances that managers who submit resignations will not receive compensation.

There are concerns among the trade union that golden handshakes or other forms of pay-off could be offered to resigning managers, damaging trust in the NHS.

The hierarchy of the GMB has made it clear that members believe managers being rewarded for what are deemed “dismal failures” should be considered completely unacceptable.

Speaking on behalf of union members, Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser, pointed out that members were far from happy with current managerial proposals.

“Concerns that any further management who resign could receive golden handshakes, has resulted in GMB members calling for complete clarity around NHS money funding any potential pay-offs in rewarding such dismal failures by those entrusted to manage the NHS Trust on our behalf,” Palmer asserted.

In addition to the concerns about the managerial culture in the NHS, GMB members are also calling upon East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to clarify a particular issue.

There have been strong rumours that the Trust will be placed into special measures potentially as soon as later this month.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust includes both the Conquest and Eastbourne District General hospitals.

Should this move come to fruition, it would represent just a six-month gap since the Care Quality Commission (CQC) graded the Trust with an inadequate rating.

The CQC found that there were significant failures in the quality of care offered by the trust, with hospitals failing to deliver adequate service in a number of key areas.

It was noted that hospitals under the care of this trust were particularly culpable with regard to the critical area of safety and management.

And it is thought that this played a major role in the resignation of Chief Executive Darren Grayson earlier this year.

Speaking passionately on this issue, the aforementioned Palmer outlined the strength of feeling on the matter within the membership of the GMB union.

GMB members and staff are shocked and understandably angry that not only have the Trust management put patients and services at risk to a point that placing the Trust into special measures could be required to finally turn things around, but that those responsible for the troubles at the Trust, namely the senior management team including Stuart Welling, could potentially be recipients of substantial NHS pay offs if they choose to resign as a result,” Palmer stated.

With the issue clearly provoking strong feeling among NHS staff in the region, this would seem to be an issue that will run and run in the coming months.


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