English Chief Medical Officer Speaks Out on Obesity Catastrophe

According to the English chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, obesity is a huge threat to women’s health, not to mention the stability of future generations.

Davies has recently submitted her annual support, which represents part of her role of chief medical officer.

And this year’s report particularly focuses on women, with Davies suggesting that tackling obesity should be considered a national priority.

Indeed, the officer went as far as suggesting that the situation related to obesity in the UK can be described as a “growing health catastrophe”.

In particular, Davies focused on the food industry and the recent suggestion of the government that some form of the sugar taxation should be introduced.

England’s top doctor said obesity was so serious it should be a priority for the whole population, but particularly for women because too often it shortened their lives.

Around 60 per cent of women in the United Kingdom are classified as overweight or obese.

This is an extremely serious health situation, as obesity greatly increases the chances that any individual may experience numerous extremely serious conditions.

Obesity increases the risk of many diseases including breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The report makes 17 recommendations across a range of women’s health issues.

Many factors are suggested to have contributed to the obesity epidemic.

On the one hand, while diet is frequently blamed for the situation, the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of the population also play a serious role.

However, Davies particularly emphasises that responsibility of food manufacturers.

“I think we’re at a tipping point. If industry won’t deliver then we’ll have to look at a sugar tax,” Davies suggested.

Davies also recommends that everyone with an eating disorder should have access to a new and enhanced form of psychological therapy, called CBT-E, which is specifically designed to treat eating disorders.

Speaking to the BBC, Davies outlined some of the important measures that she believes will be central to changing the culture of the United Kingdom.

“I think it is inevitable that manufacturing has to reformulate and resize, that supermarkets and others need to stop cheap promotions on unhealthy food and putting unhealthy food at the check-out, and limit advertising dramatically.”

Dame Sally also stated that she wanted to “bust the myth” that women should eat for two when pregnant, adding a healthy diet with fruit and vegetables and avoiding alcohol was important.

While obesity is just one of the many health problems facing women in the UK, it is also one of the most common.

Many health professionals have compared the obesity situation in Britain to a ticking timebomb.


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