End of life care receives funding boost to improve service standards

Proposals for improving the quality of end of life care services – including an additional £130m of funding – are contained in a new report published today.

Produced by the Choice in End of Life Care Programme Board, the report – What’s Important to Me: A Review of Choice in End of Life Care – was commissioned to provide advice to Government on improving the quality and experience of care for adults at the end of life and their carers.

The independently-led report makes a number of proposals, including: (i) establishing a ‘national choice offer’ focused on individual’s end of life care needs by April 2020; (ii) providing an additional £130 million funding for end of life health and social care services, (iii) establishing 24/7 community end of life care by 2019 in all areas; (iv) implementing shared electronic end of life care records by April 2018 in all areas; and (v) the appointment of a named responsible senior clinician for all people approaching the end of life.

“It is vital that we are supported to be ourselves as we near the end of our lives”, said Claire Henry MBE, chair of the Choice in End of Life Care Review Board. “We need to recognise how and where the attitudes and actions of individuals and society as a whole, as well as the structures of the health and care system, must change.

“Many of the problems that we have identified in this advice are not new. While it is important to acknowledge that many positive changes have been made in recent years in the way end of life care services are provided in this country, there is still a great deal to be done to ensure that everybody’s needs and preferences are known and met.

“As a society we all have a role to play; end of life care is everyone’s business and needs to be recognised as such. This report provides a blueprint for Government and the health and care system, as well as wider society. People have told us what they want. Now is the time for action.”

A large number of organisations contributed to the report including: NHS England, National Care Forum, Cicely Saunders Institute, University of Nottingham, Nuffield Trust, Together for Short Lives, Macmillan Cancer Support, and NHS Improving Quality.

The report: What’s Important to Me: A Review of Choice in End of Life Care



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