Demonstrators Form Ring Around Royal Liverpool Hospital

Campaigners have formed a ring around the Royal Liverpool Hospital in protest at the ongoing funding crisis affecting NHS organisations.

Hospitals in Liverpool, in common with many throughout the NHS system, have faced an unprecedented demand for services during the winter.

Two Merseyside NHS trusts have already gone on black alert, being unable to guarantee emergency care.

The demonstration will be run by the Labour party, with the intention of putting pressure on Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt to provide more funding for NHS and social care services.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, wrote an email to Labour members outlining the reasons for the protest.

“Will one protest make the Tories halt the cuts? Of course not. If we put a million people on the streets of London I doubt if Theresa May’s heart will melt. What I do know is that if we remain silent or simply write angry letters to the paper or posts on Facebook, nothing will change. Only a sustained campaign has a chance of forcing this government back on its heels and then out of office.”

While Cllr Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, also supported the protest, believing it to be essential to the future of the NHS.

“We’re asking people to arrive for half ten. Then between 11 and 11.30 we’ll be spreading people out to see if we can surround the Royal with love. It’s a show of support for the NHS. People in the city can show their despair over the impact of NHS cuts. It’s a crisis. We’ve chosen the Royal because it’s the central city hospital, but this crisis affects all hospitals across the region. And it affects GPs and mental health services too.”

Munby is particularly concerned about the perilous state of social care.

“The impact of social care cuts has been enormous. People who would otherwise have been cared for in the community are stuck in hospital.”

There have been widespread reports from across the NHS system of massive prganisational difficulties during what has been an extremely pressurised winter.


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