Decision on Mid Staffs future funding delayed

The process for agreeing the future funding of services at the troubled Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust has been extended the healthcare regulator Monitor announced today (21 October 2013).

Although Trust Special Administrators (TSAs) have completed their report and made recommendations as to how essential patient services should be funded in future, agreement between local commissioners, NHS England, University Hospitals of North Staffordshire NHS Trust and the NHS Trust Development Authority is still not in place.

Until an agreement is reached, TSAs will continue to run Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr David Bennett, Chief Executive at Monitor, said: “We need to find an answer to the question of who will be providing what funding to secure the future of essential patient services in Mid Staffordshire.

“We are giving extra time for the interested parties reach agreement over the next few weeks, in order to ensure that patients continue to get the services they need and the taxpayer gets value for money.

“I hope that agreement can now be reached very quickly so that the staff of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust can be given the assurance they need about their hospitals’ future and patients can be assured about the continuing  provision of the essential services (Location Specific Services) requested by their commissioners.”


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