Chief Executive of NHS Improvement Appointed and Revealed

The Chief Executive of the newly formed NHS Improvement has been announced.

Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, will fill the role going forward.

Earlier this year it was indicated that NHS Improvement will play a major role in the healthcare sector in the foreseeable future.

Back in July, the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, announced the creation of NHS Improvement.

The organisation will be tasked with the job of driving and supporting urgent improvements at the NHS frontline, and delivering long-term sustainability of the healthcare system as a whole.

NHS Improvement will also play a major role in health sector regulation, alongside existing bodies such as Monitor.

Speaking about the appointment, Ed Smith, Chairman-designate of NHS Improvement, was keen to emphasise the qualities of Mackey which have made him ideal for the role.

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of Jim Mackey as the Chief Executive of NHS Improvement. He was the unanimous choice of the appointments panel. He has an exceptional track record in delivering change in the health sector, with 25 years’ experience in the NHS. He joins us from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust where he has been Chief Executive for the last 10 years.”

Smith also expanded on the role he expects Mackey to play in the future, and how the NHS hierarchy would deliver a structure in order to support his aims.

“Jim will draw on this extensive experience of improving services for patients in leading NHS Improvement and will build both a great team around him and strong collaborations across the NHS and care systems.”

Mackey himself was naturally extremely grateful for the opportunity to fill this new position, and also spoke fondly of his previous duties working in Northumbria.

“It has been a huge privilege to lead Northumbria Healthcare through its most successful time as an NHS foundation trust. Over the years, I have worked with so many caring and dedicated members of staff and every day have been humbled to see them all go above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent care to patients.”

In addition, Mackey was also keen to place the existing situation of the NHS in a wider context, making reference to the challenges that the health sector faces.

“This is without doubt a difficult time for the NHS. We collectively need to improve NHS services for patients and the local communities we serve, alongside being more efficient and effective in our use of the NHS pound. The gap between the quality of care provided within the NHS must be reduced, and our grip on managing our business and finance must be improved. This will be my priority and focus for the coming years ahead and I look forward to working with health partners across the NHS and social care to support a more sustainable and integrated service for patients.”

The aforementioned Hunt was also keen to offer support for this appointment.

“Jim Mackey will bring a wealth of experience to NHS Improvement and ensure that patient safety and higher quality care are embedded at the heart of all NHS organisations. He will continue the work to align Monitor and the Trust Development Authority and ensure that all providers are supported to provide excellent care every day of the week.”

Finally, Malcolm Grant, Chairman of NHS England, suggested that the appointment of Mackey will play a major role in the entire organisation of the NHS, with a new, superior structure having been put in place via the creation of NHS Improvement.

“Jim Mackey’s appointment marks the beginning of a new era of national leadership and partnership between NHS Improvement and NHS England. I am delighted that NHS Improvement has succeeded in attracting to the job someone who has a real track record of success already in transforming NHS services, and the ability to work closely with trusts across England to bring the Five Year Forward View to fruition.”

Mackey will start to bring together expert teams to deliver all of NHS Improvement’s responsibilities in due course. He will be in post full time from 1st November 2015.


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