Onzima Ventures Acquires N4 Pharma Limited

Onzima Ventures has announced the conditional acquisition of the remaining 51% of the issued shares of N4 Pharma Limited, effectively taking over the firm. Consideration for the acquisition will be satisfied by the issue of 4,510,800 New Ordinary Shares and 4,591,400 Deferred Consideration Shares. The Company has also conditionally raised £1.5 million (gross) by way of a placing of 21,428,571 New Ordinary Shares at 7p per share . This will be utilised in order to fund development of additional... Readmore

Pharma Firm Polyphor Announces Major Private Financing

  Polyphor Ltd has the completion of a CHF40 million private placement. Exisiting Polyphor investors contributed to 98% of the financing. Polyphor is a clinical stage, privately held Swiss specialty pharma company focused on the development of macrocycle drugs addressing antibiotic resistance and respiratory diseases. The proceeds will be used to finance the Pharma business unit, and particularly the pivotal registration programme of the antibiotic Murepavadin (POL7080) against... Readmore

New Toolkits Launched to Aid Health and Social Care Workforce

New resources are being made available to employers, training providers and employment professionals to help alleviate London’s social care skills shortages. Ambition London, funded by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, has authored two new toolkits. These are intended to promote skills-sharing and tackle common misconceptions of careers in both the health and social care sectors. It is known that health and adult social care sectors face an acute shortage of skilled workers with too few entrants,... Readmore

US Report Suggests Health Gadgets are Poorly Regulated

Medical gadgets have been a notable and increasingly prominent addition to the health landscape in the last few years. Yet despite the benefits of such technology there is currently a distinct lack of legislation and regulation related to them. In the United States, legislators are currently tackling this issue, with the Obama administration addressing the paucity of guidance for manufacturers of such devices. It is well known among American government experts that the federal patient privacy... Readmore

UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium Proposes New Breast Cancer Approach

Two studies presented at the UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium suggest that research into oestrogen receptors may be critical in treating breast cancer. It is believed that understanding this may be key to explaining why some forms of breast cancer do not respond adequately to treatment. The research has already been praised by healthcare experts as groundbreaking, and it is hoped that it will significantly inform the scientific response to the disease going forward. In the first study, scientists... Readmore

Royal College of Physicians Supports E-Cigarettes Prescription

The Royal College of physicians has questioned the existing NHS position over e-cigarettes. At present, British doctors are only able to prescribe e-cigarettes if they have been specifically licensed as an aid to quit smoking. This is currently strictly regulated, but some doctors believe that the distribution of e-cigarettes within the health service should be loosened. Sales of e-cigarettes have been rising steadily since the first went on sale in 2007 in the UK. They have already displaced... Readmore

New Tumour Test Offers Children Cancer Hope

Scientists in Britain have begun work on testing tumours from children with cancer, in the hope that this will ultimately provide younger patients with access to new and more personalised medicines. It's also believe d that this body of work can help improve survival rates from the deadly condition, as researchers begin to get to grips with the killer disease. The new test analyses changes in 81 different cancer genes. It is hoped that the research will ultimately lead to what scientists describe... Readmore

New Sickle Cell Device Set to Save NHS £13 Million Annually

A new device for managing sickle cell disease could save the NHS in the region of £13 million annually. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has already recommended the device, believing that it will make sickle cell disease easier to manage. In its latest guidance, NICE recommends the Spectra Optia Apheresis System for red blood exchange in patients with sickle cell disease who require regular transfusion. Although sickle cell disease is not a particularly well-known... Readmore

10-minute Saliva Cancer Test to be Available by 2020

Technology continues to produce new innovations in the field of cancer research, prevention and treatment, and a new test is set to revolutionise the niche still further. By the end of the decade, it is predicted that a 10-minute test which enables cancer to be detected will be available in the UK. Patients who purchase the "liquid biopsy" would be required to send a small amount of saliva off to a laboratory. Scientists can then analyse the saliva provided by the patient in order to ascertain... Readmore

New AneVivo IVF Treatment to Revolutionise the Technique in Britain

A British clinic has developed a new form of IVF treatment that promises to revolutionise this sector of healthcare. The technology in question enables conception to occur in the womb, rather than the laboratory as has been the case previously. Doctors hope that making fertilisation more natural will mean healthier pregnancies, And the advantages to expectant mothers are obvious. The Complete Fertility clinic in Southampton is first in the UK To utilise this new approach, which has been dubbed... Readmore

MHRA and Health Experts Ease Fears Regarding Essure Implant

UK regulators have moved to assuage speculation about the birth control implant Essure. There have been safety concerns about the product in the United States. Nonetheless, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has reassured UK users that the implant is indeed safe. However, the MHRA is monitoring potential side-effects in the meantime following a furore of attention regarding Essure in the US. The regulatory agency has advised UK women who have experienced any problems... Readmore

MHRA Regulator Suspends Range of Products from Brazilian Manufacturer Silimed

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has announced the suspension of the CE certificate for all medical devices made by the Brazilian manufacturer Silimed. This decision has been taken jointly with the European healthcare product regulators of all EU member states. The verdict on Silimed comes in the light of an inspection of the manufacturing plant related to the company in Brazil. This established that surfaces of some devices contained within the plant were contaminated. MHRA... Readmore
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