NHS Digital Grapples with Mass Data Breaches

More than a third of organisations that received unauthorised NHS data during the rollout of Care.data have failed to respond to NHS Digital’s request to destroy the records. The news comes as NHS Digital approaches the end of a six month period during in which it agreed to remedy the unauthorised sharing of data under the now-defunct scheme. Around 700,000 patient record opt-outs must be confirmed by 19th Ocotober. Meanwhile, a number of other key undertakings are also expected, with... Readmore

Robots Restore Sight in World First

Surgeons have used a robot to operate inside the eye of a patient and restore sight; the first time this has been achieved. Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital was the setting for this breakthrough, with robots utilised to remove a membrane one-hundredth of a millimetre in thickness. It is now hoped that robots could be used in a wide variety of complex surgery in the foreseeable future. Although robotic surgery is already becoming commonplace, it never been previously utilised in a delicate... Readmore

Privacy Concerns Over Hunt Health Apps Plan

The plans of Jeremy Hunt to produce NHS-approved health apps with the intention of improving the delivery of patient records and healthcare, have already led to privacy concerns. NHS.UK will feature a choice of health software intended to assist patients with monitoring their own health and vital signs. Data from the applications, and also wearable activity trackers such as Fitbits, will feed directly into people's personal health records. Hunt himself pushed the functionality of Fitbit,... Readmore

Swan Practice Shows Benefits of Online Medical Records

Enabling online medical record viewing could save weeks of GP time by stopping the requirement for patients to go through the practice, according to a surgery in Buckinghamshire. The Swan Practice in Buckingham reports that the surgery had been able to save as many as 40 days of GP time a year. This would otherwise be spent on dealing with calls and consultations with patients. The 20,000 patient practice has signed up 1,600 patients to online result access after enabling Patient Access... Readmore

Mega-Framework Tender to Update NHS IT Infrastructure

A new mega-framework tender indicates that the NHS in the UK has a budget in excess of £500 million to spend on various computer hardware. A ten-lot agreement including desktops, laptops, tabs, peripherals, and warranties has been issued by the NHS Shared Business Services and North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative. It is intended to ensure that providers and regulators of NHS-funded services can purchase requisite equipment. Thus, the procurement has been opened up to “practice... Readmore

Virtual Reality Playing Major Rehabilitation Role in Paralysed Individuals

Virtual reality has assisted with eight paralysed patients regaining some of the feeling in their legs, according to a report proffered by Sky News. Researchers utilised virtual reality combined with a robotic exoskeleton, and were amazed when participants regained some nerve function. The exoskeleton in question was designed to respond to electric signals of the brain with virtual reality providing both visual and haptic stimulation. All patients demonstrated improvements in their ability to feel... Readmore

Google Open up on DeepMind NHS Function

There has been considerable controversy regarding the new collaboration between Google and the NHS, with the DeepMind project at the heart of this agreement. In this second article on the subject, the Healthcare Times examines the modus operandi behind this new and contentious project. DeepMind is an artificial intelligence lab in London that creates what are referred to as general purpose self-learning algorithms. The company was acquired by Google for what is believed to be £400 million back... Readmore

Could Brain Scans be the Key to Understanding Antisocial Behaviour?

The Guardian is one of several newspapers which has reported on a new study which could give a new insight into antisocial behaviour. There are "striking' structural differences seen in study which compared brain scans of young men with antisocial behavioural problems with their healthy peers," The Guardian reports. The results of this research indicate that behavioural problems could have a neurological basis, or at least some dimension. Scientists used brain scanning techniques to compare the brain... Readmore

New NHS App to Help Demystify Electro-Convulsive Therapy

A new app developed by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust intends to inform the public of the processes involved in electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). The informatics service has developed the software in question with the specific intention of reducing the stigma related to the technique. Not only will this app have a significant benefit for understanding of the issue in the Leicestershire region, but it is also available completely free of charge. The free app was developed on a platform called... Readmore

Virtual Blood Donation to be Encouraged by New App

A revolutionary new application will encourage so-called virtual blood donations to be made via augmented technology. It has been known for some time that the number of blood donors in the UK is significantly beneath what is required, and this new innovation is intended to make the process more convenient for people interested in providing blood. The campaign, created by 23red, was a winner in the annual competition run by Ocean Outdoor and Campaign, which rewards the most creative ideas that can then... Readmore

Research Suggests Remote Treatment Effective for Depression

New research suggests that depression can be treated effectively by utilising remote technology. However, the suggestion of the study in question is that this utilisation of remote computing should only take place alongside the usual care for the condition. Remote care can also be supervised by non-clinical staff, freeing up skilled professionals for other work within the NHS. A study comparing outcomes for over 600 patients in treatment found that a group having access to a telehealth service... Readmore

NHS 24 Phone System Delayed Again

The launch of the NHS 24 phone system has been delayed once again, with critics suggesting that it has been a little short of a disaster. NHS 24 was expected to be a major contribution to the Scottish health service when it was announced several years ago. But the IT and call-handling network, which was initially supposed to be ready by October 2013, is already £40 million over budget. Several launches have already been aborted, and NHS staff have been forced to revert to the old system. The... Readmore
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