New Proton Beam Machine to Aid Healthcare in Newport

Wales is the destination for the UK's first high-energy proton beam machine. Proton Partners International (PPI) delivered the technology to its new location in Newport. The cancer-treating machine will be located at the Rutherford Cancer Centre. PPI proclaims the technology to be the "most-advanced piece of cancer machinery" in the UK. It is hoped that the proton beam machine will transform the treatment of 500 cancer patients annually. This will be a real boost for Newport and could... Readmore

New AI Technology Can Reduce Appointment Times

A new GP pilot application is set to play a key role in the future of surgeries, but its founder states that it will never entirely replace human doctors. Ada enables patients to create a profile, with the software utilising an artificial intelligence engine in order to make a diagnosis. Personalised reports are provided by Ada, along with the suggested steps. Patients are able to have a supplementary video consultation with a human GP once the process has been completed. Ada founder... Readmore

Royal Bolton Hospital Implements Mobile Tech System

Royal Bolton Hospital has utilised a mobile application in order to improve patient care. The hospital uses Patientrack to better manage care for patients at night, improve vital communication between nurses and doctors, and manage staff workloads. And the trust is the first in the country to use the technology solely to help manage the hospital at night. The technology is playing a major role in improving patient safety and saving important time in co-ordinating crucial interventions for patients... Readmore

Brexit has Massive Impact on EU General Data Protection Regulation

Almost 20% of healthcare organisations have cancelled preparations for EU General Data Protection Regulation because of Brexit. The regulation, which has been in the pipeline for some years, is designed to harmonise data protection regulation throughout Europe and provide citizens with more control over their personal data. It has been ratified by the UK and is due to come into force in May 2018; almost certainly before Britain completes its exit from Europe, despite the recent triggering of Article... Readmore

Public Health England Warns Dating Sharing Could Have ‘Unintended Consequences’ for Patients

Public Health England (PHE) has made a strong statement about data sharing within the healthcare system, indicating that it runs the risk of undermining public confidence in the NHS. The authoritative healthcare body particularly points to the pooling of personal information by NHS commissioners and healthcare providers, stating that this could have unintended and serious consequences for patients. In a series of letters published by the Health Select Committee, PHE and the National Data Guardian... Readmore

Ongoing IT System Issues Cause Patient Cancellations

Issues with a raft of IT systems at the largest NHS trust in England has led to a wave of cancelled appointments and service disruption. Barts Health NHS Trust has endured ten days of IT difficulties after it experienced an equipment failure leading to several IT systems being inaccessible to clinicians. IT problems emanated from a major equipment failure on 20th April which was not satisfactorily fixed within a week of it initially being identified. Access to imaging and radiology within... Readmore

New Digital Procurement Platform Delayed

A major new procurement platform intended to save millions of pounds has been delayed. The online marketplace was compared to the infamous retailer Amazon, with NHS Shared Business Services suggesting that it will revolutionise the way that this critical part of the NHS works. However, reports have indicated that the new platform will not be ready until the autumn. Known as The Edge for Health, the platform has been funded by a joint investment from NHS Shared Business Services and the retail... Readmore

£7 Million Electronic Patient Records System Launched in Dorset

A new electronic record sharing system is to be launched in Dorset. The Dorset Care Record (DCR) will cost £7 million and enable the healthcare system in the county to draw together information from hospitals, GPs, community teams and local councils. This will enable the authority in the area to establish a detailed impression of the medical care history of an individual patient, with their needs consequently more holistically understood. The DCR has been provided by global healthcare company... Readmore

New Digital Services Launched for Mental Health Patients

Seven areas across England are set to pilot digital services for mental health patients, which will include innovative apps to improve care and online access to real-time patient records. NHS England has announced new funding for seven mental health trusts to enable these organisations to pioneer world-class, digital services to improve care for patients experiencing mental health issues. This will include, for the first time, all key professionals involved in a patient’s care having access... Readmore

New Toolkits Launched to Aid Health and Social Care Workforce

New resources are being made available to employers, training providers and employment professionals to help alleviate London’s social care skills shortages. Ambition London, funded by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, has authored two new toolkits. These are intended to promote skills-sharing and tackle common misconceptions of careers in both the health and social care sectors. It is known that health and adult social care sectors face an acute shortage of skilled workers with too few entrants,... Readmore

NHS England Announces New ‘Redbook’ System

NHS England has announced a digital version of the Redbook will be rolled out across London, answering calls from parents who often lose information when Redbooks are misplaced. From April, parents of the 136,000 babies born across London each year will be able to record and manage information about their child’s health and development online. A digital version of the Redbook, known as the eRedbook, will be rolled out across London, is intended to ensure that it is quicker and easier for new parents... Readmore

200 High Priority Clinical Documents Outstanding After Patient Data Failures

Over 200 high priority clinical documents are still awaiting assessment following over 70,000 items of patient data being found undelivered in a warehouse last year. Ministers have documented the fact that payments related to this information have now exceeded £2.4 million. Yet over 700 items still require further clinical assessment, with over 200 of these cases considered a high priority. Health minister Nicola Blackwood provided the information in response to a parliamentary question... Readmore
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