Mental Health Services Risk Being Overwhelmed

A survey of NHS trusts suggests that mental health services are close to being completely overrun. This is due to escalated demand and a reduction in the level of staffing. NHS Providers contacted organisations throughout the healthcare system, and found that around 70% of mental health leaders believe that demand will increase still further in the coming 12 months. Yet only 35% were confident that they would be enough staff available in order to deliver an adequate level of service. Responding... Readmore

InfraVia Announces Major Irish Nursing Home Investment

InfraVia Capital Partners has announced the acquisition by InfraVia European Fund III of Carechoice; the second largest private owner and operator of nursing homes in Ireland. Carechoice currently operates six nursing homes across Ireland (in Dublin, Cork and Waterford), providing over 500 high quality of care beds for elderly. With the growing need for long-term residential care in Ireland, Carechoice plans to expand significantly its capacity over the coming years, notably through the development... Readmore

Social Care System Faces Staggering Rise in Cost

A major new study suggests that the cost of social care will escalate rapidly in the coming years. New research indicates that there will be a 25% increase in the number of people requiring social care between 2015 and 2025. Within just eight years, over 2.8 million people over 65 will require some form of care. This can be largely interpreted to be indicative of rising dementia in a greying population. The respected Lancet Public Health medical journal published the research, and indicated... Readmore

NHS Leaders Suggest £2 Billion Additional Social Care Funding is Insufficient

NHS leaders have warned that the additional £2 billion set aside for social care will fail to deliver “anything like the level of resource” intended. It has been known for some time that this critical aspect of the healthcare system is seriously struggling, and some of the most authoritative individuals working within healthcare have suggested that plans to reform social care are fundamentally flawed. Chancellor Philip Hammond had cited the $2 billion of additional funding as evidence... Readmore

Communities and Local Government Committee Promotes Major Social Care Reform

Major reform of social care funding and provision is needed, according to the Communities and Local Government Committee Select Committee. Both long term funding and serious threats to social care provision must be addressed, it is asserted by a report published by the committee. The report finds inadequate funding very seriously affects the quantity and quality of adult social care provision, impacting on those receiving care, the NHS, care staff, carers and providers. Consequently, a number... Readmore

NHS Providers Calls for Social Care Targets

NHS Providers has suggested that short-term reduction targets for hospital bed days should be agreed between NHS leaders and councils. Bed-blocking has been a massive problem in the NHS, and the authorities recently announced an additional £1.2 billion investment in social care for 2017/18 in an attempt to address the situation. The healthcare body tasked with the responsibility of representing NHS trusts welcomes the extra funding announced in the recent budget, but also warned members that... Readmore

New End of Life Care Framework to Provide Personalised Care

A new end of life care framework will provide personalised care to terminally ill patients and their families. Skills for Health Education England and Skills for Care have announced the new framework in a joint partnership. The intention behind the collaboration is to deliver tailored and high-quality care and support to patients with advanced incurable illnesses. Health Education England commissioned Skills for Health and Skills for Care in order to develop the framework. This then becomes... Readmore

CLG Committee Critical of Government Social Funding Gap

The Communities and Local Government Committee has concluded that it is essential for the government to commit to closing the long-term social care funding gap. In particular, the committee suggests that the Chancellor could bring forward £1.5 billion funding from the improved Better Care Fund to plug the hole in social care funding in the year ahead. The statement was made by the committee in the Pre-Budget report for their Adult Social Care inquiry. Responding to the declining state of social... Readmore

Analysis Illustrates Extent of Social Care Crisis

New analysis suggests that NHS and adult social care services face a further crisis following the problems already caused by Brexit. The onus is on the government to guarantee the right of the EU workers to remain in the UK, otherwise serious staffing problems are almost inevitable. Existing figures outlined the extent of European Union workers within the healthcare system, with more than 140,000 NHS and adult social care workers in England currently EU migrants. London, the South East and the East... Readmore

Care Quality Commission to Play Social Care Regulatory Role

Healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission will expand its role and become involved in the regulation of social care. The Care Quality Commission will be responsible for overseeing the way that local councils deliver the social care system. The proposals are intended to address what is considered to be a crisis in the sector. Many prominent individuals within the NHS system have already spoken out on the problems that social care faces. The government plans to ask the regulator... Readmore

Unprecedented Increase in ‘Excess Deaths’ in England and Wales

New research indicates that the unprecedented level of excess deaths within the healthcare system in England and Wales can possibly be attributed to underfunding, particularly in social care. Researchers assert, in an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, that what they describe as relentless cuts to the health service could be responsible for 30,000 deaths during the 2015 calendar year. The government responded strongly to the claims, suggesting that the study... Readmore

National Audit Office Documents Social Care Failings

The National Audit Office has warned that a new government initiative to treat more people in the community has fundamentally failed in its modus operandi. NHS England and the Department of Health believed that the Better Care Fund for England could achieve savings in excess of £500 million annually. Yet not only has the scheme failed to save money, but figures indicate that it has also had no impact on the number of free hospital beds. The fund was originally set up with £5.3 billion... Readmore
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