Bionic Hands Set to be Available on the NHS

A major new clinical trial for prosthetic hands may see them available on the NHS in the foreseeable future. The so-called bionic hands are available via 3D printing, and can be delivered at a small cost in comparison to current models. Bristol-based firm Open Bionics is working with 10 children at a local hospital during the six-month trial. And the name of the company has led many to describe the product as bionic hands. Tilly Lockey, an 11-year-old from Durham who lost her hands after... Readmore

Regular Aspirin Use Linked with Disability in Over 75s

Researchers from Oxford have found that daily aspirin can be associated with raised risk of disabling or fatal bleeding inpatients aged over 75. In research published in the authoritative Lancet journal, it was discovered that the annual rate of disabling bleeding patients over 75 taking aspirin was 25%. This compared to just 3% in patients aged below 65. Those aged under 65 were able to take aspirin almost without danger, with only 0.5% of patients of this wider demographic experiencing... Readmore

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Passes Major Test Barriers

A new drug manufactured by AbbVie has successfully passed through its primary and secondary targets on the way to being fully approved. Upadacitinib treats rheumatoid arthritis, and the late-stage trial of the medicine has been passed adequately. The Phase III clinical trial evaluated the investigational oral JAK1-selective inhibitor in patients with the condition who did not adequately respond to treatment with conventional synthetic disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (csDMARDs). After... Readmore

Ecuador Study Lauds Consumption of Eggs

A six-month study conducted in Ecuador suggests that consuming eggs on a daily basis may have a significantly positive impact on growth in undernourished children. Regardless of the way that eggs were served, the foodstuff seemed to give infants a health boost. Research was published in the journal Pediatrics, and scientists involved in the study suggest that it could be a cheap way for the stunting of growth to be prevented. It is already known that any stunting of growth during the first... Readmore

Study Suggests Weight is Major Problem for Pregnant Women

A comprehensive new study has discovered that three-quarters of women are failing to achieve a healthy recommended weight while pregnant. This can be considered potentially serious for both mother and baby. Gaining too little or too much weight during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth or the requirement of Caesarian section. Meanwhile, the prevalence of both obesity and access just additional weight gain is increasing, according to the study. Research was conducted by an international... Readmore

90% of Patients Believe GP Service is Good Survey Shows

Research indicates that around 90% of patients consider that the safety of healthcare provided in their local surgery is positive. The first ever large-scale quantitative study on the safety of healthcare provision in general practice discovered that most patients are at least somewhat satisfied with the current situation. Indeed, 91% of patients across 45 practices from a wide range of geographic and socio-economic areas agreed that their GP providers were trustworthy, researchers discovered. Another... Readmore

Targeted Treatment for Ovarian Cancer Delivers Promising Results

A new treatment for ovarian cancer has delivered very promising results in women suffering from the advanced stage of the debilitating condition. Approximately 50% of women benefited from reduced tumours after taking part in a small trial of the treatment. Researchers had been testing the drug with the indication of establishing safety, but found that the clinical effect of the medicine was better than expected. It is hoped that the drug will be of assistance to women who are no longer responding... Readmore

UK Prostate Cancer Treatment is Massive Success

A new clinical trial conducted on prostate cancer has delivered powerful results according to researchers based in Britain. Early intervention with a drug intended to relieve the deadly condition produced excellent results, according to a new study. The trial assessed abiraterone as an additional treatment in patients with prostate cancer who were about to start long-term hormone therapy. Results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, with researchers finding that the treatment... Readmore

Stem Cell Study Reveals Cigarette Damage to Unborn Babies

A new stem cell study has examined the impact of cigarettes damaged to unborn babies, discovering that it is particularly harmful to developing liver cells. Scientists developed a new method of studying the effects of maternal smoking on liver tissue while conducting the research. This uses embryonic stem cells, and researchers, led by the University of Edinburgh, concluded that smoking during pregnancy can be hugely harmful to embryos. It was also discovered that the chemicals produced... Readmore

NHS Commissioners Proposing Revolutionary Autism Initiative

Commissioners in south west London are considering radical proposals intended to reduce the number of children being diagnosed with autism in the region. This centres around restricting diagnosis to only the most severe cases, with the proposal having already been discussed in meetings in the area. However, despite conducting an open dialogue on the subject, the local alliance of five clinical commissioning groups has stated explicitly that nothing has been decided yet. But the National... Readmore

Eating Cheese does not Raise Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke Study Suggests

A new study conducted by a raft of European researchers has suggested that eating cheese does not raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. This follows a review pooling the results of 29 observational studies regarding the link between dairy consumption and cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Having assessed results relating to over one-million people from across the globe, researchers concluded that there is no increased risk of the factors mentioned related to dairy consumption. In... Readmore

Leaked Document Warns of Massive Operation Delays

A leaked document suggests that the number of patients forced to wait in excess of 18 weeks for non-urgent operations is set to double. This unsavoury prospect will result from the decision of the NHS to relax the obligation on hospitals to treat 90% of patients in this timeframe. In accordance with this, it is believed that the backlog of patients requiring treatment will surge from 370,000 to 800,000 by March 2019. This assertion is made in a presentation authored by NHS Improvement, which... Readmore
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