Scottish NHS Fails to Hit Cancer Waiting Time Targets

Fears have been raised about the future of GP practices in Scotland. Ten of the country's 14 health boards failed to meet the standard for treating patients suspected of having cancer. This is the latest blow for NHS practice, after similar problems were found previously in England. Cancer targets had been missed by NHS England, and it is now apparent that the Scottish health service has followed suit. Except that the situation in Scotland would appear to be slightly worse. With cancer targets... Readmore

New Transplant Donation Legislation Becomes Active in Wales

Wales has led the way in the United Kingdom by being the first nation to introduce a new system relating to organ donations. From now on, adults will have automatically consented to organ donation unless they are opt out of the process. This new legal procedure has now been enforced across the nation. Over one-million people, more than one-in-three of the existing Welsh population, have already registered to opt-in to the organ registry programme. Meanwhile, 86,000 individuals have explicitly... Readmore

Waiting Times in Accident and Emergency Continue to Rise According to NHS Data

Figures collected by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine indicate that waiting times in Accident and Emergency departments are on the rise. According to the data collated by the hospital, 88 per cent of A&E patients were treated or admitted within four hours, significantly below the 95 per cent target. 40 trusts from across the United Kingdom submitted evidence in order for the study to be conducted. This represents a strong sample size of 20 per cent of the total number of trusts in the UK. Significant... Readmore

Mothers of Twins and Triplets not Receiving Requisite Care According to Report

A report from the Twins and Multiple Births Association and the National Childbirth Trust suggests that women expecting twins are triplets are suffering from relatively poor care. The organisations conducting the report surveyed 1,400 such parents from all over the UK. They found that the South East and West Midlands are particularly poorly served in this department, while women expecting wins or triplets in the north-east received the best care in the country. The report also found that... Readmore

Baby Dies Due to Bacteria at Glasgow Royal Hospital

The Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children has been rocked by the death of a baby, following its infection with harmful bacteria. This incident occurred in a maternity unit linked to the new Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children at the weekend, after the infant contracted Serratia marcescens. It is notable that the baby had been born prematurely, and was already suffering from complex medical problems. Nonetheless, there are serious question marks regarding hygiene in the institution as an investigation... Readmore

Key Health Checks on Premature Babies not Being Carried Out

New research indicates that premature babies across England and Wales may be missing out on crucial health checks that are designed to guard against serious disabilities in early life. A report published by NHS England raises major concerns that developmental problems may be noticed at a later date owing to existing arrangements. According to the health organisation, all babies born more than 10 weeks premature should be offered an assessment at two years of age. And it appears based on this study... Readmore

Units Dealing with Sick and Premature Babies Struggling According to Report

According to a report from the Bliss baby charity, the majority of intensive care units dealing with sick and premature babies are currently overburdened. Bliss found that nearly 90 per cent of sites across the United Kingdom are consistently caring for more infants than could reasonably be considered safe. This contributes to a picture of the NHS being stretched to breaking point, at least according to the authors of the report. This was underlined by the fact that almost 900 babies were transferred... Readmore

British Geriatrics Society Suggests Inpatient Falls Response Still Sub-Optimal

A unique and innovative report on the extent of inpatient falls has just been revealed at an event in Brighton. The British Geriatrics Society's Autumn Conference in the southern seaside town revealed that this low-key issue is actually a significant problem in the health service. This latest report, entitled The National Audit of Inpatient Falls, at least reveals that many trusts across the NHS have suitable policies in place to offer fall prevention. However, the report also suggests that there... Readmore

One in four in UK self-diagnose claims new research

One in four people in the UK admit to self-diagnosing illnesses rather than make time for a doctor’s appointment according to research published today. The research (by on-demand video GP service reveals that 21.8 percent of people have chosen to diagnose their symptoms on the web because they were unable to get a doctor’s appointment (11 percent) or because their GP wasn’t available quickly enough (10.8 percent). It also suggests that the UK is becoming a nation of impatient... Readmore

Dedicated fund needed to drive forward essential changes says new report

Health services in England need “a dedicated fund to finance and drive forward essential changes”, according to a new report launched this week by the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund. The report – ‘Making change possible: A Transformation Fund for the NHS’ – arrives as the Department of Health releases its 2014/15 accounts which reinforce the financial challenges facing the NHS at this time. The purpose of the Fund would be to enable the shift to new models of care as set out in the NHS five... Readmore

NHS Confederation warns that “rapid action” needed to avoid winter pressures in A&E

NHS organisations and the government need to take “rapid action” to avoid winter pressures in A&E, the NHS Confederation warns in a briefing paper released today. The NHS Confederation’s parliamentary briefing - due to be discussed in the House of Commons on Wednesday 24 June - warns that many patients who attend A&E could have their needs better met outside of hospital if sufficient capacity existed. The briefing also highlights pressures in A&E are symptomatic of issues... Readmore

GP crisis could “destroy” the NHS hears BMA conference

A warning that the general practice (GP) funding and recruitment crisis could “destroy” has been issued by a leading member of the British Medical Association (BMA). Speaking at the annual two-day Local Medical Committees (LMCs) conference which is taking place from 21 to 22 May at the Institute of Education in London, BMA GPs committee chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul warned that patient demand, declining recruitment and lack of investment in general practice could lead to the collapse of the wider... Readmore
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