Communities and Local Government Committee Promotes Major Social Care Reform

Major reform of social care funding and provision is needed, according to the Communities and Local Government Committee Select Committee. Both long term funding and serious threats to social care provision must be addressed, it is asserted by a report published by the committee. The report finds inadequate funding very seriously affects the quantity and quality of adult social care provision, impacting on those receiving care, the NHS, care staff, carers and providers. Consequently, a number... Readmore

Ten Years of Free Prescriptions in Wales Considered Long-Term Investment

The Welsh health secretary has spoken on the decision to provide 10 years of free prescriptions for people in Wales, asserting that it is effectively a long-term investment in public health. This policy was instigated back in April 2007, and Health Secretary Vaughan Gething asserts that it has been responsible for keeping healthy people out of hospital and reducing the overall costs to the NHS system. And the expenses involved in the policy have proven to be relatively manageable, with the Welsh... Readmore

New Study Focuses on Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with intensive medical treatment using oral medications, insulin and lifestyle therapies, according to a new study. The research has been published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Individuals with type 2 diabetes often need to use a healthy diet, exercise and an increasingly complex combination of medications to manage the condition. "By using a combination of oral medications, insulin and lifestyle therapies... Readmore

NHS Providers Calls for Social Care Targets

NHS Providers has suggested that short-term reduction targets for hospital bed days should be agreed between NHS leaders and councils. Bed-blocking has been a massive problem in the NHS, and the authorities recently announced an additional £1.2 billion investment in social care for 2017/18 in an attempt to address the situation. The healthcare body tasked with the responsibility of representing NHS trusts welcomes the extra funding announced in the recent budget, but also warned members that... Readmore

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Breast Cancer Risk Study Suggests

A new study suggests that consuming a Mediterranean diet on a regular basis can have a significant impact on the chances of conducting breast cancer. Researchers in the Netherlands studied data involving over 60,000 women aged 55-69 over a period of two decades. At the start of the study, details of the women's diet, physical activity and other cancer-related risk factors were collected. Scientists then compared the diets of over 2,000 women who went on to develop breast cancer with a control... Readmore

New End of Life Care Framework to Provide Personalised Care

A new end of life care framework will provide personalised care to terminally ill patients and their families. Skills for Health Education England and Skills for Care have announced the new framework in a joint partnership. The intention behind the collaboration is to deliver tailored and high-quality care and support to patients with advanced incurable illnesses. Health Education England commissioned Skills for Health and Skills for Care in order to develop the framework. This then becomes... Readmore

Hospitals Provided 4,500 Extra Beds Daily at Height of Winter Crisis

NHS bosses have revealed that hospitals provided around 4,500 extra bed every day during the height of this year's winter troubles. This process prevented a full-blown crisis according to a report published by NHS Providers. The number of beds delivered during this period is the equivalent of creating eight additional hospitals in order to cope with the unprecedented demand. During this period it was common for Accident and Emergency to experience major difficulties, while many patients... Readmore

CLG Committee Critical of Government Social Funding Gap

The Communities and Local Government Committee has concluded that it is essential for the government to commit to closing the long-term social care funding gap. In particular, the committee suggests that the Chancellor could bring forward £1.5 billion funding from the improved Better Care Fund to plug the hole in social care funding in the year ahead. The statement was made by the committee in the Pre-Budget report for their Adult Social Care inquiry. Responding to the declining state of social... Readmore

Analysis Illustrates Extent of Social Care Crisis

New analysis suggests that NHS and adult social care services face a further crisis following the problems already caused by Brexit. The onus is on the government to guarantee the right of the EU workers to remain in the UK, otherwise serious staffing problems are almost inevitable. Existing figures outlined the extent of European Union workers within the healthcare system, with more than 140,000 NHS and adult social care workers in England currently EU migrants. London, the South East and the East... Readmore

Two-Thirds of Population Would Support Assumed Consent for Organ Donation

A poll conducted by the British Medical Association suggests that two-thirds of the British population would accept a system of presumed consent for organ donation. This policy has already been instigated in Wales, but England, Northern Ireland and Scotland have maintained the existing opt-in approach. BMA leaders believe that a switch to presumed consent would be beneficial for the healthcare system, but such a step can nonetheless be considered controversial. Medical ethics have always... Readmore

Jury Out on Herpes Study Reports

Media reports have focused on a study that examined the link between herpes in pregnancy and children with autism. The Sun newspaper particularly prominently suggested that women suffering from herpes are twice as likely to bear children that are autistic. This headline has been based on a study that considered whether internal infections during pregnancy can be associated with the risk of neurological developmental disorders. But media reports on the topic had been frequently misleading,... Readmore

Dundee’s Royal Victoria Hospital Faces Elderly Care Wards Closure

Dundee’s Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) faces plans for wards used to care for the elderly to be closed. The news has already been confirmed by the authorities, with information on the subject having been distributed among staff. Wards three and six, containing 22 beds at the West End hospital will undergo a “phased retraction”. Managers have cited organisational changes as the reason behind the move, asserting that the quality of care offered to patients will not diminish. This... Readmore
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