Primary Care Experts Warn on Vital Investment Needs

Primary care experts have warned that investment in general practice should be considered absolutely requisite, considering the damage that has been done by years of underinvestment. In particular, executing the sustainability and transformation programme adequately is absolutely dependent on sufficient monies being proffered. Academics from Sheffield and Glasgow warned that general practice is “stretched to its limit”. Should the authorities fail to invest strongly in the NHS system,... Readmore

Eating Cheese does not Raise Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke Study Suggests

A new study conducted by a raft of European researchers has suggested that eating cheese does not raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. This follows a review pooling the results of 29 observational studies regarding the link between dairy consumption and cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Having assessed results relating to over one-million people from across the globe, researchers concluded that there is no increased risk of the factors mentioned related to dairy consumption. In... Readmore

Leaked Document Warns of Massive Operation Delays

A leaked document suggests that the number of patients forced to wait in excess of 18 weeks for non-urgent operations is set to double. This unsavoury prospect will result from the decision of the NHS to relax the obligation on hospitals to treat 90% of patients in this timeframe. In accordance with this, it is believed that the backlog of patients requiring treatment will surge from 370,000 to 800,000 by March 2019. This assertion is made in a presentation authored by NHS Improvement, which... Readmore

NHS Leaders Suggest £2 Billion Additional Social Care Funding is Insufficient

NHS leaders have warned that the additional £2 billion set aside for social care will fail to deliver “anything like the level of resource” intended. It has been known for some time that this critical aspect of the healthcare system is seriously struggling, and some of the most authoritative individuals working within healthcare have suggested that plans to reform social care are fundamentally flawed. Chancellor Philip Hammond had cited the $2 billion of additional funding as evidence... Readmore

Pupils should have more time for well-being, say MPs

Schools and colleges struggle to provide adequate time and resource for pupils’ well-being,  the Health and Education Committees assert. As part of a joint inquiry into children and young people’s mental health, the Committees found that financial pressures are restricting the provision of mental health services in schools and colleges. The next government must review the effect of the budget reductions in the education sector, the report adds. An increasing number of education providers... Readmore

Breathing Difficulties in Children Escalate According to NHS Figures

The number of infants being admitted to hospital for conditions related to breathing difficulties, such as asthma, bronchitis and jaundice, has increased quite significantly over the last ten years. Modern children are being taking in for emergency care, while treatment for conditions such as tonsillitis, breathing problems, drug poisoning and infections are also increasingly common. Official NHS figures have outlined these problems, and experts now suggests that the NHS must be overhauled... Readmore

Can Frogs Help Healthcare Beat Flu Epidemics?

A new study suggest that the residue produced by a certain species of frog may provide a new method for fighting flu epidemics. A south Indian frog called Hydrophylax bahuvistara produces secretions from its skin, among which is a peptide with the ability to kill certain flu viruses. This peptide has now been laballed urumin, and scientists discovered that this substance also has the ability to protect mice from the flu virus. Only 3 in 10 mice given urumin died from the infection, compared... Readmore

800 Women Suing NHS Over Vaginal Mesh Complications


Game Changing Treatment to Assist Stroke Patients

NHS England has made the decision to invest millions of pounds in a new stroke treatment that will potentially save thousands of patients from lifelong disability. The healthcare Organisation has already hailed the new treatment as a game changer for the condition. Approximately 8,000 patients who suffer from strokes will benefit from a massive expansion in the number of hospitals offering mechanical thrombectomy. This is delivered to only a few hundred patients annually at present, despite... Readmore

Advanced Emergency Treatment to Assist Stroke Victims

An estimated 8,000 stroke patients a year are set to benefit from an advanced emergency treatment which can significantly decrease the risk of long-term disability and also save millions of pounds in long term health and social care costs. NHS England has announced that it will commission mechanical thrombectomy so it can become more widely available for patients who have certain types of acute ischaemic stroke. If used within the first six hours of symptoms beginning to show – alongside... Readmore

Number of Patients Waiting Over 18 weeks for Surgery Set to Double

New analysis of official NHS figures indicate that the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks for surgery could double over the next three years. NHS Partners Network has conducted the analysis, and concluded that over 800,000 patients annually may be forced to wait for more than 18 weeks by 2020. The organisation also suggested that the total number of people awaiting operations will reach almost five million by the end of the decade; an increase of nearly two million over the last... Readmore

Learning Disabilities Patients Missing Vital Health Checks

NHS data indicates that patients in England suffering from learning disabilities are frequently denied critical health checks. These can include cancer screening, blood pressure checks and mental health assessments. While 70% of women eligible for breast cancer screening received checks over the last 12 months, this declined to 50% for those with learning disabilities. But despite this discouraging news, NHS England noted that the number signing up for the annual health check had increased. The... Readmore
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