Prescribing for Diabetes Report Assesses UK Epidemic

As the diabetes epidemic in Britain continues to expand, a new study from NHS Digital sheds further light on the debilitating condition. 'Prescribing for Diabetes' reports on and examines prescribing trends on medicines prescribed in primary care in England for the treatment and monitoring of diabetes during the period April 2006 to March 2017. Diabetes is a high profile clinical area, as the prevalence is increasing and costs associated with treating patients with diabetes are also increasing. Drugs... Readmore

Public Health Wales Encourages Parents to Reconsider Breastfeeding

Public Health Wales has revealed that only around half of parents (51%) in Wales state hat they will definitely breastfeed their baby. The survey was carried out earlier this year as part of Every Child Wales, Public Health Wales’ new programme to improve the health and wellbeing of children under five. Beaufort Research undertook a survey on behalf of Public Health Wales consisting of a total of 1,503 telephone interviews with parents and carers of children aged 0 to 5 in Wales, between... Readmore

New Help for parents to give Every Child in Wales the Best Possible Start

A new Public Health Wales programme, ‘Every Child Wales’, is being launched today in oder to improve the health and wellbeing of children, as new survey results reveal that parents do not always recognise when their child is overweight. In the survey, just 4% of parents with children aged 4 to 5 described their child as being overweight for their age and height. However, the 2015/16 Child Measurement Programme results show that just over a quarter (26%) of children aged 4 to 5 are overweight... Readmore

GPs Urge Government to Reconsider HIV Vaccination Stance

There has been strong criticism of the government by GPs concerned about the policy of failing to extend HPV vaccination to boys. The Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) has announced that research commissioned by the organisation found that extending the HPV vaccination to males is “highly unlikely to be cost-effective”. But HPV Action, a campaign group composed of 47 patient and professional organisations, believes that escalation of the vaccination should be considered... Readmore

British Pregnancy Advisory Service Warns on Contraception

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has stated that 25% of women who decided to have an abortion in 2016 were using the most reliable methods of contraception. Over 14,000 women became pregnant despite using the pill or another form of long-acting contraceptive. And evidence collected by the British Pregnancy Advice Service also suggested that many women fail to spot their pregnancy in the early stages as they had expected contraception to work. Oral contraceptive pills remain the most... Readmore

Mental Health Services Risk Being Overwhelmed

A survey of NHS trusts suggests that mental health services are close to being completely overrun. This is due to escalated demand and a reduction in the level of staffing. NHS Providers contacted organisations throughout the healthcare system, and found that around 70% of mental health leaders believe that demand will increase still further in the coming 12 months. Yet only 35% were confident that they would be enough staff available in order to deliver an adequate level of service. Responding... Readmore

NHS to Offer Personal Cancer Care Based on Genetics

The Chief Medical Officer for England has spoken about the potential for a new era of personalised medicine for cancer based on genome-related treatment. Professor Dame Sally Davies believes that genomics sequencing could become as commonplace as MRI and CT scans in the future. With researchers making big strides, Davies suggests that it will eventually be possible for every cancer patient to have genome sequencing conducted. This will become as standard in treating those with cancer as blood... Readmore

Diabetes UK Calls for Public to Have its Say in Future Treatment

Leading charity Diabetes UK is appealing to people across the country to help with a new project intended to impact on the future of diabetes in Britain. As well as holding a series of ‘Big Conversation’ events across the country, the charity is asking people to make sure they have their say by taking part in an online survey, to help them find out what really matters to people with diabetes and their families. Bridget Turner, Director of Policy and Care Improvement for Diabetes UK, suggested... Readmore

New Blood Test Could Assist with Prostate Cancer

A new study has discovered a blood test that could strongly impact on the lives of people suffering with prostate cancer. Researchers uncovered a new blood test which could detect those men with advanced prostate cancer who would benefit from a new drug treatment. As part of the study, scientists analysed blood samples from around 50 men taking part in the trial of olaparib. This was intended to examine whether the changes to tumour DNA circulating in the blood of the men could indicate... Readmore

New Immune Cell to Help with Lung Cancer Therapy

Researchers have reportedly identified a new type of immune cell which could have a massive impact on lung cancer. Scientists say that it will be possible to predict which lung cancer patients will benefit most from treatment with immunotherapy by utilising the newly discovered cell. Cancer Research UK has been involved in the funding of the study, which has been published in the journal Nature Immunotherapy. And researchers demonstrated that lung cancer patients with a high level of tissue-resident... Readmore

Could Vegetarian Diets Have Weight Loss Benefits?

A new study has suggested that vegetarians lose nearly twice as much weight as those following a standard diet. Researchers worked with subjects suffering from type II diabetes, and randomly assigned them to two groups. All the participants had a body mass index (BMI) over 25, meaning they were overweight. The first of the groups was then offered a vegetarian diet, with the other being provided with a standard weight loss diet. And those on the vegetarian diet lost more weight and body... Readmore

NHS England Announces Second Wave of Diabetes Prevention Programme

NHS England has unveiled the second tranche of the Diabetes Prevention Programme. This will involve 30 new areas delivering the scheme to those patients considered to be at risk of developing the debilitating condition. Recent data has indicated that Britain has experienced a diabetes epidemic over the last few years. And the new initiative is intended to tackle this growing problem. The Diabetes Prevention Programme is run collaboratively by NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes... Readmore
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