RCGP to Work with GPs In Order to Build up Core Skills

The Royal College of General Practitioners has signalled its intention to work with GPs in order to build core skills. GPs with a special interest seven key categories will receive special assistance from the authoritative healthcare body. Inflammatory bowel disease, women's health, acute kidney injury, inflammatory arthritis, health checks for people with learning disabilities, perinatal mental health and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes will all be covered by the new initiative, with doctors working... Readmore

NHS Bosses Call for Pay Cap to be Lifted to Ensure Safety

NHS bosses have indicated their belief that the pay cut for staff working within the NHS must be lifted in order to ensure patient safety. NHS Providers suggests that the current pay situation in the NHS is causing severe recruitment and retention difficulties. As it stands, pay rises are limited to 1% annually between now and 2019. But NHS Providers has called on whichever party wins the imminent general election to reassess the decision immediately. The Labour Party has stated that... Readmore

Figures Show Mental Health Nurse Numbers Slumping

The King's Fund think tank has released figures which suggest that the number of mental health nurses working within the NHS has fallen by 15% since the turn of the decade. Furthermore, 20% of job vacancies in the sector remain unfilled. This is considered particularly serious as community-based teams account for 97% of mental health patients, with nurses playing a pivotal role in developing trust between patients and their families. Helen Gilburt, a fellow in health policy at the King’s... Readmore

St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust Faces Estate Scrutiny

A new £200 million estates plan will attempt to ensure that a struggling foundation trust is fit for purpose. St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust constructed this formal strategy at the behest of NHS Improvement, following a sub-par performance in a Care Quality Commission inspection. Indeed, the commission issues a warning notice to the trust for breaches in regulations related to safe and fit premises; one of the most damning assessments that the commission has conducted... Readmore

New Director Appointed at NHS Improvement

Mark Hackett has been appointed as an improvement director at NHS Improvement. The new director has an excellent grounding in NHS affairs, being a former trust chief executive. Hackett has surprisingly quit his prominent role at University Hospitals of North Midlands Trust last year. But he will now attempt to assist Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust and East Kent Hospitals University FT on behalf of the watchdog. East Kent Hospitals University FT has experienced financial difficulties... Readmore

Junior Doctors Granted New Whistleblowing Powers After Court Intervention

A Court of Appeal ruling means that junior doctors will be granted new protection when whistleblowing. The landmark case involved Health Education England challenging the position of Chris Day; a junior doctor who claimed he was victimised. Day had suggested that the education and training body had treated him unfairly, after an employment tribunal indicated that Parliament had deliberately excluded junior doctors’ relationship with Health Education England from protection under employment... Readmore

Scapegoating Locums Threatens to Exacerbate GP Crisis GPC Warns

The General Practitioners Committee has spoken out on what it deems to be the unacceptable scapegoating of locum doctors. This risks undermining general practice and exacerbating problems already inherent within the system, according to the GPC. Dr Zoe Norris, chair of the GPC sessional committee, has suggested that the narrative relating to locums at present is nothing short of destructive, and the prominent individual called on NHS England to alter its conduct. Norris suggested that NHS England... Readmore

Underfunding to be Major Focus of LMC Conference

GP leaders convening at the LMC conference will discuss a raft of issues, including whether industrial action should be considered in the existing healthcare climate. The general view of the LMC is that underfunding in the system has been chronic, and that this is causing untold difficulties for healthcare professionals. Edinburgh will host the LMC conference on 18th and 19th May, and one debate on the future of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promises to be particularly controversial. Healthcare... Readmore

Health Select Committee Calls for Streamlined Approach to Brexit

The Commons Health Select Committee has suggested that the healthcare system must take a streamlined approach for recruiting overseas workers into the NHS. This will allow health and social care to retain what the committee describes as the “brightest and best” staff following Brexit. In its assessment of how the UK departure from the European Union will affect health services, the committee suggested that a new system intended to recruit swiftly from overseas would need to be implemented... Readmore

GMC Investigations Frequently Black-Balling Doctors Figures Show

Official data indicates that doctors who face a hearing after a GMC investigation are more likely to face suspension or erasure than at any point over the past decade. This statistic can be attributed to reforms which where intended to ensure that clinicians were never forced to go through the process without good reason. Indeed, over 70% of doctors who faced procedures after a GMC investigation during the 2016 calendar year were ultimately suspended or erased from the register. This represents... Readmore

Patient Centred Workforce Redesign – why the time may be right

The Head of Quality Improvement for NHS England (London) has stated that over qualified staff are often involved in very basic roles in the NHS. Roger Durack was speaking at the Londonwide LMCs conference and suggested that the most rudimentary care tasks are often delivered by staff who are higher qualified than necessary. “We have a specialist workforce delivering skills that only require a basic competency. We are not by any means diminishing the need for professional qualifications. But do we need... Readmore

New Care Models Programme Key to NHS Legacy NHS England Clinical Official Suggests

One of the top clinical officials within NHS England has criticised the new care models programme intended to play a major role in reforming the healthcare system. GP and NHS England London clinical director of emergency care, Dr Tom Coffey, stated that he is “not a fan” of the new care models and that vanguards and multi-specialty community provider schemes make him “lose the will”. The opinion of this major figure will be considered particularly significant, as Coffey is responsible... Readmore
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