Criminal Record Checks a Cause for Alarm in the NHS

NHS trusts in England have been informed to ensure that criminal record checks are up to date. The prospect of such checks having not been completed adequately has been underlined by a new study. This survey revealed that numerous trusts throughout the NHS have failed to undertake annual reviews on the topic of criminal record checks. The measure was a key recommendation of former barrister Kate Lampard’s report on improvements needed to protect patients in the wake of the Jimmy Savile... Readmore

South West Yorkshire NHS Chief Executive to Retire

In news that will lead to a reorganisation of NHS services in Yorkshire, a major health figure has announced that he will step down from his existing position. Steven Michael, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, has announced he will retire at the end of March next year. Michael is also currently employed as chair of the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network, and he has announced that he will similarly step down from this position as part of his retirement. The... Readmore

Chief Executive of NHS Improvement Appointed and Revealed

The Chief Executive of the newly formed NHS Improvement has been announced. Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, will fill the role going forward. Earlier this year it was indicated that NHS Improvement will play a major role in the healthcare sector in the foreseeable future. Back in July, the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, announced the creation of NHS Improvement. The organisation will be tasked with the job of driving and supporting urgent... Readmore

BMA Scotland Announces New Academic Chair

BMA Scotland has announced a new chair of its medical academic staff committee. Dr Paddy Mark, a Clinical Reader and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist working at the University of Glasgow, has been appointed to this position. Mark qualified for he profession back in 1999, and his current duties include heading the Renal Research Group at the University of Glasgow. He is also employed as a Consultant at the Glasgow Renal and Transplant Unit at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. Speaking... Readmore

NHS Continues Shift to Paperless Environment

As the NHS continues on its journey towards becoming a paperless organisation by 2018, a new initiative is helping keep medical records secure and free from paper. Pearl Scan Solutions is playing a significant role in assisting GP surgeries, health trusts and hospital departments with the implementation of electronic storage systems. This is a particularly important programme for the NHS, as it is estimated by the government that the cost of physical paper storage is somewhere in the region of £500,000... Readmore

New Chair of BMA Scotland’s Junior Doctors Committee Elected

A Lanarkshire doctor has been elected chair of BMA Scotland’s Junior Doctors Committee (SJDC). Dr Christopher Sheridan, a junior doctor working in Perth, will take up this prestigious position in the SJDC. Sheridan is a natural choice for the position, as the experienced doctor grew up in the Clydesdale area of Lanarkshire. Additionally, Sheridan was educated in Glasgow, having graduated from Glasgow University Medical School in 2009. Sheridan is currently working as a Specialty Registrar in Psychiatry... Readmore

GMB Members Angry Over Inept Managers’ Golden Handshake

Members of the GMB are seeking assurances that managers who submit resignations will not receive compensation. There are concerns among the trade union that golden handshakes or other forms of pay-off could be offered to resigning managers, damaging trust in the NHS. The hierarchy of the GMB has made it clear that members believe managers being rewarded for what are deemed “dismal failures” should be considered completely unacceptable. Speaking on behalf of union members, Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser,... Readmore

National Institute for Biological Standards and Control Announces New Director

The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) has announced the appointment of a new director. Director Dr Stephen Inglis has headed the institute for 14 years, but is now entering into retirement. NIBSC have announced that Dr Christian K Schneider will replace Inglis, although he will not formally begin his duties in the organisation until January 2016. Schneider is currently head of the medical division of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority. The NIBSC is a global... Readmore

Rose report on NHS Leadership made available

Launched on the same day as health secretary Jeremy Hunt made his big healthcare announcement, but with considerably less fanfare, is a report by Lord Rose on the leadership of the NHS in England. Originally tasked (in early 2014) with reporting on how to develop potential top managers in the health service and how strong leadership might help deliver reform where required in hospitals, Lord Rose delivered his report at the end of last year. However, following the Five Year View produced by Simon... Readmore

Focus by Hunt on a more human centred NHS is welcomed by senior healthcare figures

Today’s speech by health secretary Jeremy Hunt in which he called for a focus on the empowerment of NHS patients and staff, commitments to locally led change, more transparency and a culture of improvement rather than blame has been welcomed by senior healthcare figures. On the health secretary’s pledge to create a new body NHS Improvement, with a hosted team modelled on the air investigation branch in the air industry, Rob Webster, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said: “The air industry’s... Readmore

BMA’s Porter asks government to “get real” over the crisis facing the NHS

British Medical Association (BMA) chief executive Dr Mark Porter has today called on the government to “get real” over the crisis facing the NHS. In a speech to the BMA’s annual representative meeting in Liverpool, Dr Mark Porter said that instead of empty promises politicians should give patients, their families and those working in the NHS what they really need – honesty, respect and a sense of reality. Dr Porter said: “It is truly a message for everyone across the country. As our No More... Readmore

Sewell-Jones appointed as Monitor’s first Executive Director of Provider Sustainability

The healthcare regulator, Monitor, has announced that the Deputy Chief Executive of Basildon Hospital, Adam Sewell-Jones, will join them as head of a team dedicated to ensuring NHS foundation trusts have effective support as they seek to improve their performance. The regulator’s Provider Sustainability Directorate, which Mr Sewell-Jones is the first to head, aims to develop a pool of expertise to support foundation trusts. This includes bringing in-house much of the work currently done for the regulator... Readmore
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