Regulator Fails to Provide Info Regarding Potential Death Rate Manipulation at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Court action has been threatened against an NHS regulator over the delayed report of the mistreatment of whistleblowers. An inquiry was carried out after a manager alleged Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust was manipulating its death rates. With the media having learned of the situation, the BBC made a request for further information on the subject. And the Freedom of Information Commissioner has warned the NHS Trust Development Authority that failure to respond to a BBC request could be contempt of court. In... Readmore

NHS Constitution Should Play Key Role in Health Service

The NHS Constitution is a document that is often overlooked by the general public, but many experts believe that it should be considered the centrepiece of the health service. Perhaps most notable for the very first words of the documents, namely that the NHS “belongs to us all”, the Constitution sets out seven key principles that underpin the values of the NHS. The document states that all NHS consumers have legal rights, and pledges explicitly to the public that these go above and beyond... Readmore

Jeremy Hunt Announces £4 Billion Paperless Office NHS Plan

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will announce plans tomorrow for a £4.2bn investment to create a 'paperless NHS'. With government departments generally embracing the digital revolution, it is hoped that the NHS can set high standards in this area. Hunt will make a statement indicating that the investment in this department will enable the NHS to deliver superior and more convenient services. It is also hoped that clinicians will be able to provide faster diagnoses, which will free them to spend... Readmore

Report Suggests that NHS Procurement Efficiency Could Lead to Vast Savings

An 18-month review looking at ways to cut waste and enhance efficiency in the NHS, has found improving staff productivity by five minutes every shift could save £280 million a year. The results will be particularly damaging for the health service, considering that the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has already commanded the NHS to achieve efficiency savings worth £20 billion by 2020. Indeed, defenders of the government, and no doubt the government itself, will be inclined to be more... Readmore

Official Research Indicates Missed Appointments Costing NHS Millions

Statistics acquired by an NHS trust in the Midlands indicates that a hospital in Coventry lost over £5 million due to lost appointments. Patients at University Hospital in Coventry missed tens of thousands of appointments during the previous financial year, costing the hospital a vast amount of cash. Statistics revealed by the government show that between September 2014 and 2015 13,940 first appointments were missed at the hospital as well as 24,552 follow-up appointments. Figures from Coventry... Readmore

Care Quality Commission Inspection Finds NHS Palliative Care Seriously Lacking

According to data acquired by the Care Quality Commission, over 40% of hospitals in the NHS are currently offering palliative care that could be described as the poor or indifferent. Official figures from NHS inspections have revealed that care for the dying leaves considerable room for improvement. Data from the Care Quality Commission reveals that 67 hospitals have been rated as "requiring improvement" for their end-of-life care while a further seven have been branded "inadequate". Clearly... Readmore

NHS Forges Technology Partnerships at Elite Davos Conference

The NHS has partnered with a raft of technology giants with the intention of launching remote monitoring systems across the UK. Google, IBM and Phillips have been recruited, with NHS deal-makers attending the Davos World Economic Forum talks in order to broker agreements. This new technology will enable healthcare workers to monitor patients' progress and provide improved support when necessary. The collaboration between the public healthcare organisation and leading tech firms, will involve launching... Readmore

Government Chief Scientific Adviser Advocates NHS Role for Bitcoin

The government's Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science has suggested that Britain could revolutionise the NHS by embracing Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has achieved a significant reputation in its relatively short lifespan, and Sir Mark Walport believes that it can play a major role in improving NHS services. Walport has published a report suggesting that the blockchain - the shared database technology that is best known for powering bitcoin - should be utilised... Readmore

Hunt Comment About Patient Safety During Strike Generates Headlines

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has made some controversial remarks which amount to the minister suggesting that patient care can't be guaranteed during forthcoming strikes. While the strikes in question are not guaranteed, with talks involving the British Medical Association ongoing, the comments made by Hunt will certainly incite a strong reaction. Hunt has publicly refused to guarantee that all accident and emergency departments will remain open on Wednesday, 10th February, when the third strike... Readmore

Virgin Care Awarded Massive NHS Contract Amid Criticism

Richard Branson's Virgin Care company has been awarded a massive £126 million NHS contract. Virgin Care will take over services at hospitals in Kent, having beaten Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to the lucrative deal. The terms of the agreement will result in the Branson-led corporation running health services in the Kent-based hospitals over a seven-year period. Critics of the scheme have suggested that such deals should not be opened up to the private sector companies whatsoever. At... Readmore

NHS Improvement Cites Savings in Consultancies and Agency Staff

NHS Improvement has reported that major financial savings have been made by the health service in the area of consultancies. The health service spends a vast amount of money on consultants every year, and considering the perception in some quarters that there are too many middle-manager cooks tending to the NHS broth, this is considered an area with major potential for efficiency savings. Constraints on consultancy spending in the NHS saved £42m in the third quarter of 2015 and restrictions on agency... Readmore

NHS Exposed to Worst Winter in Thirty Years

A report produced by Northampton General Hospital suggests that the NHS is enduring its worst winter in three decades. The consequence of the worst winter for thirty years has been a spate of underfunding and poor staff morale, according to the Northampton-based institution. “Maintaining Quality Over Winter” has recently been published by the hospital, with the intention of assessing and outlining the problems that the NHS faces in the winter period. Commenting on the report, Deborah... Readmore
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