Government Officials Accused of Report Publication Cover-up

Government officials have been accused of a cover-up over what is believed to be a delay in the publication of NHS trust deficit figures. These will now emerge after the general election, but opposition parties suggest that this has been deferred in order to bury bad news. The data will outline the full scale of the deficit posted by trusts in England in the latest financial year. And this had been due for publication two weeks ahead of the general election, which will take place on 8th June. But... Readmore

NHS Confederation Calls for Pay and Recruitment Action

NHS Confederation has indicated its belief that there is an onus on government ministers to address mounting disquiet among NHS staff regarding pay and recruitment. Indeed, the authoritative organisation suggests that a full-blown staffing crisis is on the cards if the government fails to satisfactorily respond. Niall Dickson, chief executive of NHS Confederation, spoke out on the issue at a time when it is predicted that 2,000 European-born doctors could leave the NHS system owing to concerns... Readmore

NHS Confederation Outlines NHS Transformation Plan

The NHS Confederation has outlined a proposal for the next government to support its bid in transforming the UK’s health service. Responsible for representing NHS providers and commissioners, the commission is calling for a “clear and credible approach” to funding. A new officer for Budgetary Responsibility in Health (OBRH) should also be created according to the commission, in order to provide an objective assessment of NHS finances. The Confederation first called for such an officer... Readmore

Primary Care Experts Warn on Vital Investment Needs

Primary care experts have warned that investment in general practice should be considered absolutely requisite, considering the damage that has been done by years of underinvestment. In particular, executing the sustainability and transformation programme adequately is absolutely dependent on sufficient monies being proffered. Academics from Sheffield and Glasgow warned that general practice is “stretched to its limit”. Should the authorities fail to invest strongly in the NHS system,... Readmore

Former NHS Head Pushes Extra Penny Tax Policy

A former head of the NHS has suggested that an extra penny on income tax is required in order to ensure that the woefully underfunded health and social care services are of an adequate standard. Sir David Nicholson, who was head of NHS England for nearly ten years, is just one of several senior healthcare professionals and experts who believe that an increase in personal taxation is critical to the future of the NHS. The group also includes former heads of the Royal College of General Practitioners... Readmore

Underfunding to be Major Focus of LMC Conference

GP leaders convening at the LMC conference will discuss a raft of issues, including whether industrial action should be considered in the existing healthcare climate. The general view of the LMC is that underfunding in the system has been chronic, and that this is causing untold difficulties for healthcare professionals. Edinburgh will host the LMC conference on 18th and 19th May, and one debate on the future of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promises to be particularly controversial. Healthcare... Readmore

Health Select Committee Calls for Streamlined Approach to Brexit

The Commons Health Select Committee has suggested that the healthcare system must take a streamlined approach for recruiting overseas workers into the NHS. This will allow health and social care to retain what the committee describes as the “brightest and best” staff following Brexit. In its assessment of how the UK departure from the European Union will affect health services, the committee suggested that a new system intended to recruit swiftly from overseas would need to be implemented... Readmore

New Care Models Programme Key to NHS Legacy NHS England Clinical Official Suggests

One of the top clinical officials within NHS England has criticised the new care models programme intended to play a major role in reforming the healthcare system. GP and NHS England London clinical director of emergency care, Dr Tom Coffey, stated that he is “not a fan” of the new care models and that vanguards and multi-specialty community provider schemes make him “lose the will”. The opinion of this major figure will be considered particularly significant, as Coffey is responsible... Readmore

World Health Organization Calls for Global Accord on Hepatitis

The World Health Organisation is calling for developed nations to play a leading role in work on viral hepatitis. It is known that the disease is currently killing as many people globally as HIV and TB, with the death toll in 2015 reaching 1.34 million people. A new report confirms this figure, while also suggesting that an estimated 325 million people worldwide are living with chronic hepatitis caused by B or C virus infection. Although there are hepatitis vaccines and medicines available,... Readmore

Medical Charity Launches Campaign Against Government Guidance

A major medical charity has suggested that government guidance will effectively make doctors into border guards. Doctors of the World insist that Home Office plans to gain access to details of undocumented migrants who seek NHS treatment is placing unreasonable demands on GPs in particular. In order to challenge this policy, the organisation has recently collaborated with the human rights charity Liberty, along with the National AIDS Trust. The three parties have raised a petition aimed... Readmore

NHS Leaders Welcome Update to NHS Contract

GP leaders believe that an update to the standard NHS contract will have a positive effect on attempts to prevent hospitals from dumping work on GP surgeries. The new provisions in the contract could potentially save millions of appointments, easing the pressure on the beleaguered general practice system. Change to the contract have become operational from 1st April, with the aim of preventing hospitals from inappropriately transferring standard responsibilities to GP practices. Fit notes,... Readmore

NHS Publishes Annual Race Equality Report

A critical publication has reached the public domain, with the NHS releasing its second annual report into race equality. The Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report is based on data submitted by providers of NHS-funded care, including both the voluntary and private sectors. Implementing the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) is a requirement for NHS commissioners and NHS provider organisations. The NHS Equality and Diversity Council announced on 31st July 2014 that it had agreed... Readmore
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