BMA Scotland Comment on Real Terms Pay Decline

BMA Scotland has taken a strong position of opposition against pay plans for doctors in the nation. Commenting on the Scottish Government's announcement that doctors' pay will again be restricted to a 1% uplift, Chair of BMA Scotland Dr Peter Bennie asserted that the decision is tantamount to a pay cut. "The announcement that yet again the pay of doctors in Scotland will go up by just 1% while the rate of inflation is at 2.3% means that once again doctors pay will decline in real terms. Repeated... Readmore

Is Radiotherapy Ineffective on Forms of Secondary Cancer?

A widely reported study suggests that "'whole brain radiotherapy' is of no benefit to people with lung cancer which has spread to the brain. Media outlets ran with articles which gave credence to a UK study on the subject. Researchers found that radiotherapy did not significantly increase survival times and quality of life when compared with standard care. The study investigated advanced lung cancer, and found that the cancer has a poor survival rate; approximately nine weeks regardless of treatment. Providing... Readmore

Majority of Public Believe Immigration Negatively Impacting NHS

As the debate over the recent EU referendum continues following the momentous decision of the UK to vote for Brexit, a new survey has provided an intriguing impression of UK attitudes to immigration. Two-thirds of British people believe that migration has had a negative impact on the NHS, despite the argument often made that such migrant workers make a massive contribution to the health service. The 2015 British Social Attitudes Survey also found 71% of the 4,328 people polled believed that immigration... Readmore

Nuffield Trust Believes Staff Crisis Worse than Funding Problems

The head of a major healthcare organisation has suggested that staffing problems in the NHS should be considered an even more pressing issue than the financial travails of the health service. Nigel Edwards, chief executive of the Nuffield Trust think tank, believes that staff shortages combined with ongoing disputes with central government represent a toxic mixture. Edwards suggests that if the existing situation does not improve, the level of affection that many members of staff currently feel... Readmore

Simon Stevens Claims Brexit Could Damage NHS

As it becomes increasingly clear that the NHS will be a major issue in the forthcoming EU referendum, the Chief Executive of the NHS has spoken out on the potential of a British Brexit. Simon Stevens has suggested that Britain leaving the EU could have massively negative impact on the economic circumstances of both the country and the health service. Stevens believes that the argument made by campaigners, that an EU exit would free up much needed funds for the NHS and reduce pressure on GP surgeries... Readmore

Northamptonshire NHS Governor Points to Email Failing

The governor of an NHS Trust based in Northamptonshire has indicated his belief that problems with a national NHS email system has led to patients in the region missing appointments. William Miller, one of the governors of the Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, suggested that the new email system does not work adequately with some email servers across the country. In particular, NHS patients with Virgin Media or NTL World email addresses are not receiving all emails sent out by the NHS trust,... Readmore

Poll Indicates that NHS is Top of Voters’ Concerns

According to a poll conducted by Ipsos MORI, the National Health Service is near the top of a list of issues that are of concern to the British public. The poll found that immigration still comes top of the list, but the NHS is rapidly closing on this leading issue and could overtake it in the foreseeable future. This phenomenon is perhaps largely a reflection of the prominent issue of dispute over junior doctors' contracts. But the public also have broader concerns over NHS funding and lengthening... Readmore

Damning Statistics Suggest Cancer Signs in Children Being Ignored

A disturbing survey suggests that parents' concerns about cancer in children is not being adequately responded to by GPs. Nearly half of parents whose children were ultimately diagnosed with cancer felt that their worries about the issue were ignored by doctors. In addition, over one-third felt that the diagnosis of their child's condition was significantly delayed, with 50% of these people believing that this ultimately had a significant impact on prognosis. In response to the figures, cancer... Readmore

Junior Doctors’ Contract Row Set to Become ‘War’

A leading union has stated that the dispute over junior doctors' contracts could yet become a war between NHS staff. Unison's Christina McAnea said imposing the contract "sends a very worrying message to other members of staff". McAnea added that “everybody else is really worried that if they can do this to doctors, what does that mean for us?" Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has insisted that he will impose what he considers to be ideal contractual provisions for junior doctors, but these plans... Readmore

Health Committee Seeks Opinions on Future of Social Care

The Health Committee of the British government has announced its inquiry into the impact of the comprehensive spending review on health and social care. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne recently announced the spending review in a Parliamentary statement. There have already been criticisms from several sources on the provisions for social care included in the review, and the government has clearly decided to take these concerns on board. The Health Committee has invited written... Readmore

Pressure on staff is growing but positivity remains concludes NHS Staff Survey 2014

NHS staff are experiencing increasing pressure but remain positive about the work they do and the standard of service they provide, according to the results of the 2014 NHS Staff Survey published by NHS England today (24 February). A total of 255,000 NHS staff members took part in the confidential survey which considered 29 key measures and indicators. Some of the key findings of the survey include: (i) two thirds (67 per cent) of staff said they thought patient care was the top priority for their... Readmore

Healthcare leaders to address first UK e-Health week

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens, National Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh and National Director for Patients and Information Tim Kelsey are to be the key attendees when UK e-Health Week comes to London’s Olympia on 3-4 March. A world-class learning and networking opportunity, e-Health Week brings together the latest e-Health innovations with those who commission, implement and use them on the frontline. Tim Kelsey, national director for patients... Readmore
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