NHS Overrules Capita in GP Row

NHS England officials have been forced to overrule Capita over a serious issue related to a member of NHS staff. The private contractor had informed a GP that he should stop working indefinitely. But the cause of this was simply his performers list application being stuck in an administrative backlog. Processing such applications has potentially placed Capita in legal jeopardy, and could cause significant confusion and consternation for doctors in the future, according to the BMA. Capita... Readmore

Investigation Indicates Whistleblowers Being Blacklisted due to Employment Records

An investigative report conducted by The Daily Telegraph has suggested that whistleblowers in the NHS face the prospect of being blacklisted due to insufficient legal protection. Maha Yassaie had been awarded £375,000 compensation from the Department of Health, following an internal enquiry which revealed that she had been informed she was too honest to work for the NHS. Yet the post-NHS career of Yassaie has been frustrating, with The NHS apparently having indicated that she had been dismissed... Readmore

NHS Facing Criticism Over Cancer Delays

As structural difficulties in the health service become more apparent, the NHS is being criticised for failing to deal with cancer patients adequately. In many cases, the health service is leaving cancer patients facing unenviable delays in treatment, as hospitals are unable to cope with the numbers of cancer patients. New NHS figures suggest that hospitals in England failed to ensure people with suspected breast cancer was seen by a specialist within 14 days in satisfactory numbers. Meanwhile,... Readmore

Nuffield Trust Believes Staff Crisis Worse than Funding Problems

The head of a major healthcare organisation has suggested that staffing problems in the NHS should be considered an even more pressing issue than the financial travails of the health service. Nigel Edwards, chief executive of the Nuffield Trust think tank, believes that staff shortages combined with ongoing disputes with central government represent a toxic mixture. Edwards suggests that if the existing situation does not improve, the level of affection that many members of staff currently feel... Readmore

Research Suggests Ethnic Minorities Experiencing NHS Bullying and Abuse

Recent research has suggested that far greater numbers of black and minority ethnic staff (BME) experienced harassment, bullying and abuse by colleagues and managers than their white counterparts. And now the head of the NHS in England has called on trust across the nation to address the figures which he describes as deeply concerning. Simon Stevens, chief executive, stated that the data provided “unvarnished feedback to every hospital and trust across the NHS about the experiences of their BME staff”. The... Readmore

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust to Axe 450 Jobs

A major NHS trust located in the Midlands has indicated that it will make redundancies in order to achieve economic stability. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust is to cut 450 jobs in a bid to make budget savings. The trust currently employs 7,500 people in the Midlands region, but has indicated that the redundancies should ultimately be unsurprising to both staff and patients. Health bosses in the trust have already indicated explicitly that the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital... Readmore

NHS Endures Busiest Year in its History

Official figures indicate that the 2015-16 financial year was the busiest in NHS history. Nearly 23 million people visited A&E in the 12 months to March 2016; an increase of over 500,000 from the previous fiscal year. Under the circumstances, it was perhaps not surprising that the NHS missed several performance targets. And NHS England also indicated that the ongoing junior doctors dispute had exerted a significant negative influence over the performance of the health service. Commenting... Readmore

Report Suggests NHS Mental Health Money is Being Poorly Distributed

A new report has suggested that the government has failed to fulfil its pledge to invest more money in mental health in the UK. And the reason for this is cited as being one of organisation rather than ethos. The NHS is failing to pass the money on to the NHS trusts that treat patients, according to research conducted by NHS Providers and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. It is asserted by the organisation that care for those who require psychological assistance will suffer unless... Readmore

Assaults on NHS Staff Increased by 25% Over Last Five Years

New figures indicate that assaults on staff in the NHS have increased by over 25% in the last five years alone. The number of assaults increased to 67,874 in 2014/15 from 54,758 assaults in 2008/09. This effectively means that doctors, nurses and other workers in the NHS were subjected to 186 attacks every day according to statistics collated by the NHS Business Services Authority. All NHS institutions now prominently feature leafleting and publications intended to highlight to the general public... Readmore

Mental Health Sufferers to be Treated in Liverpool Cafes

A new scheme based in Liverpool aims to improve access to mental health treatment by enabling residents of the city to meet experts in public places such as cafes and churches. The Psychological Therapies Unit, a non-profit organisation, is testing a new scheme to tackle the spiralling rates of anxiety and depression on Merseyside. This initiative is a response to research which has been conducted recently, suggesting that over 75% of sufferers in Britain are not receiving the mental health help... Readmore

Gloucestershire Abuse Figures Make for Chilling Reading

A survey conducted among NHS staff in Gloucestershire paints a sobering picture of the level of assault and abuse that appears to be routine in the health service. NHS staff working at hospitals in Gloucestershire stated that they've been assaulted and abused by patients, their relatives and even other staff members over the last twelve months. In fact, nearly 20% of those who responded had experienced some form of physical violence during the previous calendar year. Additionally, bullying, harassment... Readmore

NHS Pension Board has Warning for Healthcare Staff

A leading pensions campaigner has suggested that employers are needlessly enticing staff out of pension provisions, following recent revelations related to an NHS trust. Investigations are underway regarding the plans being carried out by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, which reportedly offered nurses cash in order to give up their pension rights. Ros Altmann said her officials were investigating concerns that nursing recruits at Oxleas were being offered a salary boost to opt out of the NHS scheme. It... Readmore
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