New Approach to Diabetes Saves £2 Million

An evaluation of a new model of diabetes care claims that it has saved the NHS as much as £2 million in just 12 months. The 'Super Six' model of diabetes care run by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust helped reduce hospital admissions and prevent complications such as heart attacks and amputations since it began five years ago. This is according to a study published in the journal Diabetes and Primary Care. Considering the success of this scheme, NHS bosses are now considering rolling it out to other... Readmore

Health Education England Warns on GP Recruitment

Official documents indicate that the NHS faces major difficulties with recruiting a satisfactory number of doctors. Indeed, board papers state that the possible failure to recruit enough GP trainees in the coming year could be the greatest problem that Health Education England has to tackle. There is apparent scepticism that it will be possible for the organisation to meet government workforce targets in the existing climate. Health Education England has set the mandated target of attracting half... Readmore

National Audit Office Criticises NHS Over Discharge Delays

A report conducted by the National Audit Office suggests that NHS England must ensure that patient delays in the process of being released from hospital are seriously reduced. The report asserts that the problem causes unnecessary harm to patients in the health service and wastes NHS money. Indeed, the watchdog calculated that delays are costing in excess of £820 million every year at present. And this is an issue that also bears down disproportionately on the infirm and vulnerable. The National... Readmore

Think Tank Points to Skills Expansion to Solve NHS Problems

A medical think tank has suggested that the best way for the NHS to meet increasing demand in the health service could be to train up non-medical personnel. Expanding the skill base of these individuals could go a long way to ensuring that the NHS meets many targets that it currently misses with regularity. This is the conclusion of research by the Nuffield Foundation for NHS Employers, which suggests that nursing, community and support staff were equipped with additional skills, they would be able... Readmore

Cancer Cases Rising in the UK According to Charity

Research from a major cancer charity indicates that the number of people contracting the deadly condition is increasing in the UK. Cancer Research UK suggests that more than 352,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year, which represents a 12% increase over the same figure for the mid-1990s. The latest figures have been collated by the charity as it assesses the position of treatment of cancer in Britain. Between 2011 and 2013, there were 603 cases diagnosed for every 100,000 Britons,... Readmore

Charities Step in to Provide Dental Relief

As problems with NHS dentists grow, a charity intended to provide dentistry to third world countries has begun treating West Yorkshire patients. Reports emerged that numerous patients where removing teeth with pliers, and thus Dentaid stepped in to assist with the situation. The organisation claims that a decreasing number of NHS dentists, caused by reduced funding, is leaving vulnerable patients all over the country without any form of affordable dental care. Increasingly, access to dentistry... Readmore

Government to Create 17,000 New NHS Apprenticeships

The Department of Health has announced that it intends to create 17,000 new apprenticeships in 2016. This initiative will form part of the overall commitment of the government to ensure that 2.3% of workers in large public sector bodies are apprentices. With the process forming an important part of the NHS staffing provisions going forward, it is already estimated that the number of apprenticeships will skyrocket to 100,000 by the end of this Parliament. Opportunities will be made available in a wide... Readmore

Nurses and Midwives to be Subjected to New System of Checks

Media reports today indicate that the system of checks related to nurses and midwives is about to be significantly changed. The new plans have been instigated in the context of the so-called mid-Staffordshire scandal. An estimated 400-1,200 patients died as a result of poor care over the 50 months between January 2005 and March 2009 at Stafford hospital. As a result of the fallout from this case, nurses and midwives will now undergo checks every three years. NHS watchdogs indicated that the reforms,... Readmore

Royal College of Nursing Scathing on Bursary Scrappage Plans

Student nurses and midwives could be forced to fund their own education under a scheme currently being considered by the government. The new Treasury plans would see these critical NHS workers being forced to pay their tuition fees and living costs, if proposals currently being assessed by the government come to fruition. This will be a particularly worrying precedent for many concerned about the state of the health service, considering the fact that there is already a shortage of nurses in the NHS. Indeed,... Readmore

Workforce Minimum Data Set to Play Role in NHS Workforce Training

A raft of important British healthcare institutions have submitted letters to GP practices all over the country regarding the Workforce Minimum Data Set (WMDS). Health Education England, the Department of Health, NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) are all involved in this important initiative. The letter provides important background on the role of WMDS in securing a well-trained workforce for the future. It also includes details on the upcoming collection of data... Readmore

Health Education England extends ultrasound workforce survey

Health Education England (HEE) has extended their call for information to help investigate and identify the extent of shortages in the ultrasound workforce. Friday 31 July is the new deadline for organisations to submit their information. The survey has been developed by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) to be completed by services or departments who perform ultrasound either as a direct service or as a tool within another service. HEE recommends that the survey be completed by the department... Readmore

NHS Employers responds to doctors and dentists contract reform report

A report on contract reform for both consultants and doctors & dentists in training has been welcomed by the NHS Employers organisation. Contained in the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) report are recommendations and observations on the proposals put forward by the parties for reforming contracts for both doctors and dentists in training and consultants. The remit for doctors and dentists in training covered England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: for consultants,... Readmore
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