Labour to Promise GP Appointments Within 48 Hours in Scotland

The Labour party has announced a new initiative for the NHS which will shake up GP appointments in the nation. As part of the scheme, all Scottish people will be able to claim an appointment with a GP within 48 hours of making initial contact. Kezia Dugdale, the party's Scottish leader, made the commitment when addressing her party conference in Glasgow. Labour has promised that should it win the next Holyrood election in May that it will invest £500 million into primary care services in Scotland. The... Readmore

Leading Doctor Believes Seven-Day NHS Plans are Fundamentally Flawed

A leading doctor has suggested that there are insufficient qualified doctors to run the desired seven-day NHS in England. The Royal College of Physicians president Prof Jane Dacre has warned ministers that the issue must be addressed if their policy is to work. Dacre highlighted research which suggests that GP posts in the NHS are not being satisfactorily filled, with gaps in rotas being common across the whole service as a whole. This will be considered particularly worrying for the government... Readmore

Doctors’ Leader Suggests that the NHS is in an ‘Eternal Winter’

A doctors' leader has suggested that the situation in the NHS is so serious that the health service is already in a state of “eternal winter”. Dr Mark Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine (SAM), made the comments after increasingly experiencing hospitals that are full to the brim with patients. “A government which has the laudable aim of reducing hospital deaths by 11,000 must recognise overcrowded hospitals that are full of sick patients in overstretched medical units will... Readmore

Family Doctors to Take the Lead on Dementia Risks

A major foundation trust in the north east of England has been handed a major funding boost as the health service looks to improve treatment in that region of the country. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has secured an additional £1.15m of funding boost amid financial difficulties for the health service. The extra money is intended to support work to take a national lead on radical new options for the future of local hospitals across the country, and thus the foundation trust has asserted... Readmore

Doctor Twitter Posts Over A&E Waste Prompts Storm

A senior NHS doctor is facing serious disciplinary procedures after utilising his Twitter accounts to complain about A&E patients that clog up the service unnecessarily. Dr Christian Solomonides, 37, posted dozens of messages on his social media page claiming 90% of accident and emergency admissions were essentially examples of malingering. In particular, Solomonides pointed out that many people who admit themselves to accident and emergency departments are ultimately suffering from very trivial... Readmore

Patients That Don’t See GP in Five Years Face Strike Off Threat

Patients who fail to visit their GP for five years could be struck off the doctor's surgery under plans currently being developed in the east of England. The scheme proposes to send letters to those patients who have not attended the GP surgery in five years,and should they not respond to either form of correspondence they will then be removed from the GP practice list. This is seen to be very much a cost-cutting measure, considering that GPs are paid for every patient on their list. In... Readmore

New Drugs Offer Alzheimer’s Hope

Scientists from Cambridge University have discovered a number of drugs which could help with the ongoing fight against Alzheimer's disease. Researchers indicate that the drugs in question effectively act like statins for the brain. Experiments were conducted on worms at the University of Cambridge, and researchers involved in the studies identified drugs which prevented the very first step towards brain cell death. It is now hoped that it will be possible to correlate the drugs with specific stages... Readmore

20% of London GP Surgeries Threatened by Cuts

Evidence indicates that over 20% of doctors surgeries in London are under threat over the next three years due to a combination of financial difficulties and crushing bureaucracy. In addition, a shortage of family doctors and an increasing demand for appointments is causing massive logistical problems for the health service network. A survey conducted with almost half the practices in the capital also shows that 40% are relying increasingly on temporary locum GPs, while one in eight is considering... Readmore

Poll of Doctors Reveals Conflict of Opinion Over IVF Treatment

A poll conducted among NHS doctors reveals that one-in-three believe that the NHS should cease funding IVF treatment for couples who are unable to conceive. The number of couples benefiting from IVF treatment in the UK has increased massively in recent years, with around 50,000 women undergoing the procedure on an annual basis. Naturally for many people this is their last hope of naturally conceiving a baby, but it is clear that health professionals believe that the situation has become serious... Readmore

Taxpayers Pay £9 Million in One Year Over Botched Operations

The NHS spent over £9 million in damages over botched operations in the last 12 months, which compares extremely unfavourably with the same figure from just a few years ago. Back in the 2010/11 financial year, the NHS paid out just £3.2 million pounds over this issue. In total, failures by private contractors have cost taxpayers nearly £33million in damages in the past five years – almost £52 million including court costs. The figures were uncovered by the Labour MP Roger Godsiff, who was understandably... Readmore

Government Plan to Access Sick Note Records Condemned

A new initiative will provide the UK government with access to NHS records in order to identify which general practitioners administer the greatest number of sick notes. But the idea has already been strongly criticised by both doctors and privacy campaigners. The idea has been dismissed as little more than state nooping, and suggestions that data could be utilised in order to name and shame GPs who are perceived as soft have already been voiced. Yet despite the controversy around the policy,... Readmore

Welsh A&E Failing According to Leading Doctor

A leading Welsh doctor has suggested that the accident and emergency departments in Wales are experiencing massive difficulties. Dr Robin Roop, head of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in Wales, described the plight of A&E in Wales as being “on the edge”. Roop suggested that the current waiting times are simply far too long, with some patients being forced to queue for over 24 hours in the accident and emergency department. He also warned no A&E department in Wales had enough... Readmore
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