Doctors Horrified by STP Staff Costs

An investigation conducted by the British Medical Association has uncovered a vast phalanx of operations managers, communications executives, administrators and financial analysts has been created to drive forward controversial STPs (sustainability and transformation plans), which are effectively siphoning millions out of the NHS system. The investigation revealed that health leaders have created more than 150 jobs, with annual salaries of at least £8.5 million, despite funding on the front line... Readmore

Majority of Patients Positive About GP Care

According to the GP Patient Survey 2017, most people in Britain are satisfied with the service provided by their general practitioners. This extensive survey questioned 800,000 people, and concluded that around 85% consider the overall experience of their GP surgery as being at least good. Furthermore, trust in GPs remains extremely robust, with almost 92% of those surveyed indicating that they had confidence in medical practitioners. Over three-quarters of those responding to the survey... Readmore

GP Practices Green Lighted for Personalised Diabetes Treatment

A new diabetes strategy has resulted in large swathes of GP practices in England being able to refer high-risk patients for personalised treatment. This tailored assistance now covers over 75% of the English population, and is intended to assist individuals with losing weight in order to help manage the risk of developing diabetes. This second wave of the ‘Healthier You’ programme was launched last month, expanding the scheme to cover an additional 25% of the population. As a result... Readmore

BMA Opposes Patient Charging Plans

The British Medical Association has officially voiced its opposition to charging patients in order to see a general practitioner, or for missing a GP appointment. A vote at the Annual Representatives Meeting in Bournemouth rejected this notion, following close on the back of a vote by LMCs last month asking the General Practitioners Committee to produce a discussion paper on alternative funding options for general practice. This proposal would include co-payments should it come to fruition. GP... Readmore

Health Education England Claims Progress Made on GP Recruitment

Health Education England has claimed that excellent progress has been made on the recruitment of GPs. The organisation indicated that over 100 additional places have been filled in comparison to last year. This has meant that the possibility of falling short of GP recruitment targets has been downgraded from a red to an amber alert on HEE’s latest corporate risk register. The document is published on an annual basis, and outlines the biggest risks facing Health Education England, being... Readmore

Number of GPs Seeking Assistance for Substance Abuse Increasing

The medical director of a new NHS support service for doctors has warned that an increasing number of GPs are seeking specialist help for substance abuse and mental health problems. Clare Gerada, former chair of the Royal College of GPs, suggested that incidences of this problem are increasing on an almost daily basis. Referrals to the GP health service have surpassed expectations since its launch in late January, with medics in all fields seeking help in what are described as escalating numbers,... Readmore

New Immune Cell to Help with Lung Cancer Therapy

Researchers have reportedly identified a new type of immune cell which could have a massive impact on lung cancer. Scientists say that it will be possible to predict which lung cancer patients will benefit most from treatment with immunotherapy by utilising the newly discovered cell. Cancer Research UK has been involved in the funding of the study, which has been published in the journal Nature Immunotherapy. And researchers demonstrated that lung cancer patients with a high level of tissue-resident... Readmore

GP Practices in Northern Ireland Set to Lose Money

GP practices based in Northern Ireland will lose thousands of pounds following the collapse of services across the nation. Officials from the health department in Northern Ireland have already informed GP organisations that they will not change the way that QOF payments are made. This is despite the fact that increased list sizes have been caused by the raft of practice mergers and closures required in order to ensure that the service remains operable. Northern Ireland GPC (NIGPC) is now preparing... Readmore

NHS Spare Land Eyed for Homes for Health Workers

Health service leaders have suggested that the NHS should utilise some of its spare land to create around 40,000 new homes for doctors, nurses and other key staff. These critical workers are being negatively affected by a serious housing shortage, according to healthcare observers. However, many people believe that house price inflation is ultimately caused by speculation, readily available credit and profiteering, and that simply making more homes available would have little impact. Nonetheless,... Readmore

Over 50% of GPs Ready to Participate in List Closure

A major new poll suggests that over 50% of GPs are willing to participate in a mass closure of patient lists. This would highlight the ongoing crisis in general practice, and illustrates the difficulties being caused by a lack of investment and resources. When surveyed by GPOnline, 54% of GPs indicated that they would be willing to participate in “plans for GP practices collectively to close their lists”. This would be intended as a general protest at the crisis facing this critical... Readmore

Indemnity Costs Excluding GPs from Profession MDU Claims

A major survey has suggested that newly-qualified GPs are being excluded from the profession due to imposing indemnity costs. Indemnity has long since been recognised as a major barrier to recruiting new doctors to this critical area of the health service. And the MDU has revealed that the extortionate cost of indemnity is not only resulting in younger GPs leaving the profession, but also forcing many into early retirement. Responding to the issue, the MDU indicated that it has been inundated... Readmore

Women Face Barriers to Achieving Senior GPC Roles

Senior GPC members have warned that both women and the sessional GPs face unfair barriers to acquiring senior roles within the General Practitioners Committee. And GPC leaders have essentially concurred with this verdict, conceding that more must be done in order to ensure leadership proportionally represents the profession. Top women GPs have warned that there is currently an uneven playing field in terms of recruitment, which is illustrated by the composition of the GPC compared with the profession... Readmore
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