Top universities to Provide Virtual Masterclasses in Healthcare Leadership

Three of the world’s top universities will provide virtual masterclasses in leadership and digital as part of a comprehensive programme to provide NHS staff with the right skills to drive digital innovation. The NHS Digital Academy led by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation in partnership with Harvard Medical School and The University of Edinburgh will open for applications in September. Considered part of the NHS’ wider technology plan to simplify access to care... Readmore

Number of NHS Staff Vacancies Jump 10% in Just 12 Months

Official figures indicate that the number of unfilled NHS post escalated by 10% in the last 12 months alone. This means that tens of thousands of jobs are vacant across the NHS system. Responding to the data, the Labour Party accused Theresa May and the Conservative government of taking the whole service for granted, effectively overseeing "an unprecedented workforce crisis in the NHS". In March this year, there were 30,613 vacant full-time NHS positions being advertised, compared to 26,424... Readmore

Sarah Wollaston to be Re-elected Chair of the House of Commons Health Select Committee

Former GP Dr Sarah Wollaston MP will be re-elected chair of the House of Commons health select committee, according to media reports. The Conservative MP for Totnes, in Devon, was unopposed in the election to the position. It is expected that her appointment will be officially announced by the speaker of the House of Commons on Wednesday. Wollaston had assumed the position from former health secretary Stephen Dorrell in 2014 and was subsequently re-elected to the role after the 2015 general... Readmore

NHS England Announces Second Wave of Diabetes Prevention Programme

NHS England has unveiled the second tranche of the Diabetes Prevention Programme. This will involve 30 new areas delivering the scheme to those patients considered to be at risk of developing the debilitating condition. Recent data has indicated that Britain has experienced a diabetes epidemic over the last few years. And the new initiative is intended to tackle this growing problem. The Diabetes Prevention Programme is run collaboratively by NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes... Readmore

NHS Spare Land Eyed for Homes for Health Workers

Health service leaders have suggested that the NHS should utilise some of its spare land to create around 40,000 new homes for doctors, nurses and other key staff. These critical workers are being negatively affected by a serious housing shortage, according to healthcare observers. However, many people believe that house price inflation is ultimately caused by speculation, readily available credit and profiteering, and that simply making more homes available would have little impact. Nonetheless,... Readmore

Women Face Barriers to Achieving Senior GPC Roles

Senior GPC members have warned that both women and the sessional GPs face unfair barriers to acquiring senior roles within the General Practitioners Committee. And GPC leaders have essentially concurred with this verdict, conceding that more must be done in order to ensure leadership proportionally represents the profession. Top women GPs have warned that there is currently an uneven playing field in terms of recruitment, which is illustrated by the composition of the GPC compared with the profession... Readmore

LMCs Issue Warning Over GP Training

LMCs have warned that GP training must be overhauled in order to prepare registrars to take on partnership roles. Furthermore, there should be a focus on increasing the number of placements in general practice settings, according to comments made at the annual LMC conference. Delegates also backed calls for GP training to be geared more towards preparing trainees to become GP partners and principals. There was also a suggestion that GP training schemes should be extended to at least four... Readmore

GPC Sessional Subcommittee Member Suggests GPs Should Boycott Out-of-Hours Surgery

As the controversies over general practice continue to accumulate, a member of the General Practitioners Committee sessional subcommittee has suggested that GPs should consider boycotting out-of-hours sessions. Dr Preeti Shukla from Lancashire and Cumbria LMC believes that the scandalous costs related to indemnity should provoke this action. Shukla spoke at the LMC conference in Edinburgh, where the sessional GP indicated her intention to introduce the proposal to General PractitionersCcommittee... Readmore

Scapegoating Locums Threatens to Exacerbate GP Crisis GPC Warns

The General Practitioners Committee has spoken out on what it deems to be the unacceptable scapegoating of locum doctors. This risks undermining general practice and exacerbating problems already inherent within the system, according to the GPC. Dr Zoe Norris, chair of the GPC sessional committee, has suggested that the narrative relating to locums at present is nothing short of destructive, and the prominent individual called on NHS England to alter its conduct. Norris suggested that NHS England... Readmore

Patient Centred Workforce Redesign – why the time may be right

The Head of Quality Improvement for NHS England (London) has stated that over qualified staff are often involved in very basic roles in the NHS. Roger Durack was speaking at the Londonwide LMCs conference and suggested that the most rudimentary care tasks are often delivered by staff who are higher qualified than necessary. “We have a specialist workforce delivering skills that only require a basic competency. We are not by any means diminishing the need for professional qualifications. But do we need... Readmore

NHS Workers to Have Pay Cut by 12% Research Indicates

New research indicates that NHS workers will have their pay cut by about 12% by the end of the decade due to restraints that the government is imposing on wages. Not only will this impact on salaries, but the policy is also exacerbating chronic understaffing, according to the Health Foundation think tank. Pay rises of 1% at best will fail to keep up with the rate of inflation, resulting in 625,000 staff working within the healthcare system having their spending power eroded. Nurses will... Readmore

New GP Smartphone Service to be Trialled

The first ever tele-medicine service which enables patients to be treated by GPs using a mobile phone has been officially launched. Known as GP Online, the smartphone-based system is currently being piloted in six surgeries in both urban and rural locations. The intention is to roll out the application across the entire nation later this year. Funding has been provided by the National Association of GPs, with the organisation predicting that approximately 100 family doctors will be able... Readmore
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