Total Number of GPs Remain Below 2015 Levels

Health leaders have warned that the total number of GPs working within the NHS system has yet to return to 2015 levels. This is based on official headcount and full-time equivalent data over the final quarter of the 2016/17 financial year. The figures would seem to indicate that the NHS is far from being on track to meet the Conservative party’s pledge of training and retaining an additional 5,000 GPs by the end of the decade. This policy appeared in the recent Conservative election manifesto. NHS... Readmore

Government Officials Accused of Report Publication Cover-up

Government officials have been accused of a cover-up over what is believed to be a delay in the publication of NHS trust deficit figures. These will now emerge after the general election, but opposition parties suggest that this has been deferred in order to bury bad news. The data will outline the full scale of the deficit posted by trusts in England in the latest financial year. And this had been due for publication two weeks ahead of the general election, which will take place on 8th June. But... Readmore

NHS Confederation Calls for Pay and Recruitment Action

NHS Confederation has indicated its belief that there is an onus on government ministers to address mounting disquiet among NHS staff regarding pay and recruitment. Indeed, the authoritative organisation suggests that a full-blown staffing crisis is on the cards if the government fails to satisfactorily respond. Niall Dickson, chief executive of NHS Confederation, spoke out on the issue at a time when it is predicted that 2,000 European-born doctors could leave the NHS system owing to concerns... Readmore

LMCs Issue Warning Over GP Training

LMCs have warned that GP training must be overhauled in order to prepare registrars to take on partnership roles. Furthermore, there should be a focus on increasing the number of placements in general practice settings, according to comments made at the annual LMC conference. Delegates also backed calls for GP training to be geared more towards preparing trainees to become GP partners and principals. There was also a suggestion that GP training schemes should be extended to at least four... Readmore

GPC Sessional Subcommittee Member Suggests GPs Should Boycott Out-of-Hours Surgery

As the controversies over general practice continue to accumulate, a member of the General Practitioners Committee sessional subcommittee has suggested that GPs should consider boycotting out-of-hours sessions. Dr Preeti Shukla from Lancashire and Cumbria LMC believes that the scandalous costs related to indemnity should provoke this action. Shukla spoke at the LMC conference in Edinburgh, where the sessional GP indicated her intention to introduce the proposal to General PractitionersCcommittee... Readmore

NHS Confederation Outlines NHS Transformation Plan

The NHS Confederation has outlined a proposal for the next government to support its bid in transforming the UK’s health service. Responsible for representing NHS providers and commissioners, the commission is calling for a “clear and credible approach” to funding. A new officer for Budgetary Responsibility in Health (OBRH) should also be created according to the commission, in order to provide an objective assessment of NHS finances. The Confederation first called for such an officer... Readmore

Primary Care Experts Warn on Vital Investment Needs

Primary care experts have warned that investment in general practice should be considered absolutely requisite, considering the damage that has been done by years of underinvestment. In particular, executing the sustainability and transformation programme adequately is absolutely dependent on sufficient monies being proffered. Academics from Sheffield and Glasgow warned that general practice is “stretched to its limit”. Should the authorities fail to invest strongly in the NHS system,... Readmore

Dozens of GP Practices Consider Legal Action Over Lease Terms

Dozens of GP practices are considering legal options related to premises owned by NHS Property Services (NHSPS). Several surgeries in the south of England are currently taking legal advice in response to new terms that may be less favourable. The new conditions of payment are set to formalise huge service charge hikes that have been experienced throughout the NHS system. This has naturally drawn strong opposition from surgeries and healthcare professionals. The terms in question have... Readmore

90% of Nursing Leaders Concerned About Recruitment

A major survey conducted by the Royal College of Nursing suggests that approximately 90% of nursing leaders in the NHS are worried about recruitment. The Royal College also asserts that there are approximately 40,000 vacancies in nursing currently, and that this is having a significant impact on the quality of service being delivered. It is believed by the union for nurses that qualified nurses are increasingly being substituted for non-registered care staff, despite research having already... Readmore

Former NHS Head Pushes Extra Penny Tax Policy

A former head of the NHS has suggested that an extra penny on income tax is required in order to ensure that the woefully underfunded health and social care services are of an adequate standard. Sir David Nicholson, who was head of NHS England for nearly ten years, is just one of several senior healthcare professionals and experts who believe that an increase in personal taxation is critical to the future of the NHS. The group also includes former heads of the Royal College of General Practitioners... Readmore

Nurses to Stage ‘Summer of Protest’ Over Working Conditions

The Royal College of Nursing has indicated the intention of nurses to participate in what will be a summer of protest activity. With historic industrial action looming, nurses throughout the NHS are concerned about the level of pay being offered by the government. Members will be balloted on a potential strike unless the government scraps a 1% pay rise imposed by the Conservatives. But with the Tories highly likely to win the forthcoming general election, such an eventuality seems rather... Readmore

British Journal of General Practice Study Outlines Value of Listening Skills

A study published in the British Journal of General Practice suggests that the listening skills of general practitioners are a top priority for patients concerned that they might have cancer. Researchers involved in compiling the report suggest that the study will play a major role in helping clinicians understand barriers to consultation in primary care, and that this can be used to convince patients to present at an earlier date. Prompt presentations with cancer symptoms in primary care can have... Readmore
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