Top universities to Provide Virtual Masterclasses in Healthcare Leadership

Three of the world’s top universities will provide virtual masterclasses in leadership and digital as part of a comprehensive programme to provide NHS staff with the right skills to drive digital innovation. The NHS Digital Academy led by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation in partnership with Harvard Medical School and The University of Edinburgh will open for applications in September. Considered part of the NHS’ wider technology plan to simplify access to care... Readmore

Golden Jubilee National Hospital goes live with Patient Portal

A major Scottish health board has entered into a partnership with Orion Health. The Golden Jubilee National Hospital is piloting a Patient Portal from Orion Health, that could lead to improvements in the way it engages with patients. A national resource for Scotland, the Golden Jubilee is helping to redefine the concept of the public hospital, with a vision of “leading quality, research and innovation” for NHS Scotland. Initially, 40 pulmonary hypertensive patients attending the Scottish... Readmore

BMA Scotland Responds to Audit Scotland Report

BMA Scotland has responded to Audit Scotland report, 'NHS workforce planning’; a critical document outlining the future of the NHS in the nation. Chair of BMA Scotland Dr Peter Bennie suggested that the BMA’s view on staffing was vindicated by the document. “This latest report from Audit Scotland highlights what we have been saying for some time - there are serious workforce challenges facing the health service in Scotland which must be tackled by the Scottish Government as a matter of urgency.” Bennie... Readmore

All 999 Calls to be Subjected to Target Times

A new ambulance response system will see all 999 calls subjected to new target times. Plans announced by NHS England will ensure that the severity of patients' conditions will directly impact upon response from the emergency services. Call handlers will also be provided with more time in order to decipher what action is appropriate. And new targets for ambulances to deal with the most seriously ill patients will be brought in, with an average time of seven minutes set as a benchmark. Timing... Readmore

Number of NHS Staff Vacancies Jump 10% in Just 12 Months

Official figures indicate that the number of unfilled NHS post escalated by 10% in the last 12 months alone. This means that tens of thousands of jobs are vacant across the NHS system. Responding to the data, the Labour Party accused Theresa May and the Conservative government of taking the whole service for granted, effectively overseeing "an unprecedented workforce crisis in the NHS". In March this year, there were 30,613 vacant full-time NHS positions being advertised, compared to 26,424... Readmore

GP Leaders Warn of ‘Airbrushing’ Over GP Numbers

GP leaders have warned that the government must not ‘airbrush’ its failure to deliver satisfactory increases in GP numbers. This follows the Health Secretary's annual review of performance in NHS England failing to evaluate progress on GP recruitment; a serious red flag indicating that all is not going according to plan. Jeremy Hunt lauded the GP Forward View and good progress on implementing improved access to GP services in the report, also noting the requirement for a larger primary-care... Readmore

GPs Urge Government to Reconsider HIV Vaccination Stance

There has been strong criticism of the government by GPs concerned about the policy of failing to extend HPV vaccination to boys. The Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) has announced that research commissioned by the organisation found that extending the HPV vaccination to males is “highly unlikely to be cost-effective”. But HPV Action, a campaign group composed of 47 patient and professional organisations, believes that escalation of the vaccination should be considered... Readmore

National Survey Indicates NHS Patients Positive About Cancer Care

An annual national survey indicates that key patient experiences of NHS cancer care improved over the past year. The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2016 asked people with cancer across England for their views on their care, with 72,788 responding. Asked to rate their care on a scale of zero (very poor) to 10 (very good), respondents gave an average rating of 8.74 (ie 87.4% favourable) a statistically significant increase on last year’s score. Patients also reported statistically... Readmore

Controversy Reigns Over New Prescription Plans

New plans intended to prevent GPs from prescribing drugs available over the counter, with the intention of saving the healthcare system in the region of £200 million, could deny vulnerable patients critical access to medication. This is the view of some of the most prominent doctors working within the healthcare system. NHS England had previously announced a plan to “drive out wasteful and ineffective drug prescriptions”. But a consultation on the new scheme suggests that it will have... Readmore

Vautrey Elected Chair of BMA’s GP Committee

The well-known healthcare executive Dr Richard Vautrey has been elected chair of the BMA's GP committee for England and the UK. Leeds-based Vautrey will immediately begin working in his new position. Vautrey previously served as deputy under the previous two GPC UK chairs, after a prestigious career working within the General Practitioners Committee. Indeed, Vautrey has being a long-standing member of the organisation, and previously acted as the committee chair. This position became... Readmore

Practices in East London to Benefit from More Regular Payments

A new contract is set to benefit practices in East London, with more regular payments being received by the surgeries via the overarching federation. Tower Hamlets CCG has agreed a proposal to contract £5 million of local enhanced services with the GP Care Group. This federation currently comprises the thirty seven practices active in the borough, and has been involved in the collaborated delivery of enhanced services in the region for some years. The scheme is contracted through a network... Readmore

BMA Confirms Two Candidates for Chair Position

As the British Medical Association seeks a replacement for the outgoing GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the organisation has confirmed that two candidates are currently being strongly considered. No further GPs have chosen to put themselves forward ahead of a major vote on the appointment. The two candidates understood to be vying for the post are current acting GPC chair Dr Richard Vautrey and current GPC executive team member Dr Mark Sanford-Wood, both of whom will be a extremely familiar to all healthcare... Readmore
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