Scottish NHS Lagging Behind England in IT According to Report

A Scottish government investigation into the state of health service IT systems in the nation has concluded that the country is significantly worse off in this department than England. Holyrood conducted an inquiry into the recent cyber attack on the NHS, and found that systems in Scotland could be vulnerable to similar assaults. And leading Scots tech expert Professor Bill Buchanan suggested that the Scottish people must be aware that this is the case, calling on at the authorities to take... Readmore

Single Bid Submitted for Mammoth NHS Contract

A new bid made by a group of healthcare providers has become the largest in the history of the healthcare system. This new quote is for an enormous integrated care contract in the Manchester region, which will provide both out of hospital health and care services once agreed. The Manchester Health and Care Commissioning receivef the bid from the so-called Manchester Provider Board; a consortium which consists of Manchester City Council, local GP federations, the city’s three acute trusts,... Readmore

Government Names 27 Hospitals Set to Share £21 Million

The government has identified the 27 hospitals who will benefit from £21 million in new funding. This money is intended to support new triage, streaming and co-located GP services alongside their emergency departments, in an attempt to relieve the pressure on A&E. The £21 million figure follows close on the back of £56 million in funding being provided to 70 hospital trusts in April this year. This £56 million payment also came under the £100 million pound program that was announced... Readmore

Bed-Blocking Getting Still Worse Figures Show

New figures indicate that bed-blocking has risen by over 50% in just the last three years. NHS England statistics indicate that patients experienced over 177,000 days of delays, which affected around 6,700 beds daily during April. This led to a strong response from politicians, charities and union leaders, with a chorus of voices calling for extra funding from the government. Bed-blocking is officially referred to as delayed transfers of care. Official data indicates that the total number... Readmore

Older Patients not Offered Talking Therapies Experts Claim

Experts suggest that older patients suffering from common mental health problems are not offered talking therapies on a frequent enough basis. This is despite the fact that evidence already indicates that elderly patients benefit from these interventions significantly more than younger people. And the authors of a new study published in the British Journal of General practice suggest that the evidence is quite clear that elderly patients are under-referred for counselling and other forms of talking... Readmore

Ecuador Study Lauds Consumption of Eggs

A six-month study conducted in Ecuador suggests that consuming eggs on a daily basis may have a significantly positive impact on growth in undernourished children. Regardless of the way that eggs were served, the foodstuff seemed to give infants a health boost. Research was published in the journal Pediatrics, and scientists involved in the study suggest that it could be a cheap way for the stunting of growth to be prevented. It is already known that any stunting of growth during the first... Readmore

BMA Welcomes U-Turn on IR35 Rules

The British Medical Association has applauded the decision of NHS Improvement to undertake a U-turn on IR35 tax advice. This would have penalised locum doctors and increased costs, with the BMA deeming the previous policy to be “disastrous”. NHS Improvement has now asked five practices to carry out a case-by-case assessment of whether IR35 applies when employing locums. The BMA has already endorsed this decision explicitly. IR35 is intended to prevent ‘disguised employment’; effectively... Readmore

Indemnity Costs Excluding GPs from Profession MDU Claims

A major survey has suggested that newly-qualified GPs are being excluded from the profession due to imposing indemnity costs. Indemnity has long since been recognised as a major barrier to recruiting new doctors to this critical area of the health service. And the MDU has revealed that the extortionate cost of indemnity is not only resulting in younger GPs leaving the profession, but also forcing many into early retirement. Responding to the issue, the MDU indicated that it has been inundated... Readmore

NHS U-Turn Over Agency Staff Tax Rules

NHS improvement has been accused of making a U-turn over tax rules. New guidance issued by the regulator has effectively reversed its previous approach regarding Agency staff. NHS trusts should now take every case on an individual basis, as opposed to adopting the blanket approach applied previously. In accordance with this, NHSI chief executive Jim Mackey had previously written to NHS trusts in February telling them that he expected “all locum, agency and bank staff” would come under... Readmore

Union Warns of Winter Figures Concerns

New data indicates that the previous winter was among the worst on record for NHS performance, despite the climate actually being rather less than challenging. The critical month of December featured some of the mildest weather on record, while temperatures throughout January were normal, and there were also no major outbreaks of either flu or norovirus. Yet analysis of NHS data conducted by the British Medical Association suggested that the NHS in England is “unlikely to recover from the pressure... Readmore

NHS Trusts Overspend by £770 Million

Final figures on the NHS finances for the calendar year indicates that trusts overspent by £770 million. This means that the healthcare system missed the financial targets set by the authorities, and is indicative of the problems that many healthcare bodies face in dealing with rising demand for care. A figure of £580 million had been set as a requisite deficit by health service bosses. The 236 NHS trusts certainly differ significantly in financial health, with some of the worst affected... Readmore

Total Number of GPs Remain Below 2015 Levels

Health leaders have warned that the total number of GPs working within the NHS system has yet to return to 2015 levels. This is based on official headcount and full-time equivalent data over the final quarter of the 2016/17 financial year. The figures would seem to indicate that the NHS is far from being on track to meet the Conservative party’s pledge of training and retaining an additional 5,000 GPs by the end of the decade. This policy appeared in the recent Conservative election manifesto. NHS... Readmore
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