Total Number of GPs Remain Below 2015 Levels

Health leaders have warned that the total number of GPs working within the NHS system has yet to return to 2015 levels. This is based on official headcount and full-time equivalent data over the final quarter of the 2016/17 financial year. The figures would seem to indicate that the NHS is far from being on track to meet the Conservative party’s pledge of training and retaining an additional 5,000 GPs by the end of the decade. This policy appeared in the recent Conservative election manifesto. NHS... Readmore

NHS Faces Real Terms Cuts Regardless of Election Result

Despite the bold proclamations of Labour leader Jeremy Corbin, an authoritative healthcare organisation suggests that the share of money for the NHS will decline regardless of which party wins the next general election. While the Labour Party has made £36 billion investment in the NHS a central pillar of its policy, the Conservative party promises a minimum of £8 billion extra in real terms for the NHS by 2023. Nonetheless, there is much controversy over ring-fencing, with it currently being... Readmore

Care Quality Commission Rates Independent Provider as Outstanding

The Care Quality Commission has rated an independent provider as outstanding; the highest commendation offered by the commission. Horder Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex, has been rated outstanding overall, with its caring and responsive qualities particularly praised. Safety and leadership at the organisation was also considered well above average. Horder Healthcare is responsible for running the organisation, and the private healthcare company indicates that 98 per cent of its outpatient... Readmore

Government Defends IT Policy After Ransomeware Hits NHS

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has defended the decision of the government to refrain from funding critical updates for NHS computer systems. This resulted in the NHS computer network being vulnerable to cyber attacks, as has been widely documented over the last few days. Yet Fallon appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, and effectively blamed health trusts for files being left open to hackers. The presenter had asked the Defence Secretary why upgrades had not been purchased back in 2015. "That... Readmore

NHS to be Prosecuted Over Connor Sparrowhawk case

The by now infamous case of Connor Sparrowhawk will lead to the NHS trust involved being prosecuted. Sparrowhawk was drowned at facilities belonging to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. The organisation has provisionally accepted responsibility for his death, and has also provided compensation to his family. Sparrowhawk had suffered an epileptic fit while in a bath at Slade House in Oxford in July 2013. With the case having been a contentious one for some time, the Health and Safety... Readmore

Theresa May Confirms Immigration Target Despite NHS Concerns

Prime Minister Theresa May has once again reiterated her desire to stick to previously stated immigration targets. This is despite the fact that experts have warned over potential skills shortages in the NHS, and the detrimental impact of this scheme. The Prime Minister spoke during a visit to Harrow, Northwest London, declaring her aim of ensuring that migrants are reduced from the current level of 272,000 to below 100,000. The 100,000 migrant target had been set by the government over... Readmore

Liberal Democrats Propose Income Tax Increase to Fund NHS

As the general election campaign continues to unfold, the third-favourite in the running has outlined a radical proposal related to the NHS. The Liberal Democrats will increase income tax by a penny in order to inject £6 billion annually into the NHS and social care, should they form part of the government. Of course, the odds are massively against this, with the party currently trailing behind the Conservatives in polling by a considerable distance. But the leader of the Liberal Democrats,... Readmore

Junior Doctors Granted New Whistleblowing Powers After Court Intervention

A Court of Appeal ruling means that junior doctors will be granted new protection when whistleblowing. The landmark case involved Health Education England challenging the position of Chris Day; a junior doctor who claimed he was victimised. Day had suggested that the education and training body had treated him unfairly, after an employment tribunal indicated that Parliament had deliberately excluded junior doctors’ relationship with Health Education England from protection under employment... Readmore

Labour Promises to Cease Hospital Closures if Elected

The Labour party has reiterated its commitment to the NHS in an electoral statement, indicating the belief of the party that the Conservative approach to the healthcare system has resulted in widespread concern and confusion. In particular, Labour proposes to halt Accident and Emergency and other critical hospital department closures if they are elected. Conservative sustainability and transformation plans, operable in 44 areas of England, have proved contentious despite their intention to save... Readmore

Ambulances Fail to Achieve Core Eight-Minute Target

Research conducted by The Independent newspaper indicates that ambulances are failing to reach seriously ill patients within the eight-minute target set by the government. This is despite the fact that there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of calls classified as being urgent. Unions warned that lives are being put at risk by the sub-par response times. And the GMB union even accused NHS England of manipulating targets in order to make the performance of the service seem superior. The... Readmore

Health Select Committee Report Points to Massive Brexit Impact

A report released by the Health Select Committee warns that Brexit will have a profound impact over “many aspects of the provision of health and social care in England”. The committee warns that “over 60,000 people from EU countries outside the UK work in the English NHS and around 90,000 in adult social care. Post-Brexit we will continue to need, and benefit from the presence of EU staff in health and social care.” Further commenting on the impact of the EU referendum, the report states... Readmore

Health Unions Call for NHS Protection Over Immigration Rules

The British Medical Association and Royal College of nursing both believe that the NHS should be exempted from the new new UK Visa Tier 2 immigration skills levy applicable to non-EU overseas doctors and nurses. These two influential healthcare groups have written to the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, urging her to exempt workers in order to protect NHS budgets. The compulsory fee would force the NHS to fork out £1,000 per worker annually when hiring staff to come to the UK from nations outside... Readmore
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