NHS Set to End Prescription of Homeopathic Medicine

The NHS has suggested that doctors should cease prescribing homeopathic medicine. Simon Stevens, NHS England's chief executive. asserted that "at best, homeopathy is a placebo and a misuse of scarce NHS funds which could better be devoted to treatments that work”. Although the amount of money spent on homoeopathy is minimal at present, less than £100,000, the recommendation of the healthcare authorities is to phase it out completely. Homeopathy utilises highly diluted doses of natural... Readmore

BMA Document Suggests List Closures Would be Particularly Effective

Several prominent GP leaders have thrown their weight behind the proposed industrial action that is currently being balloted on by the British Medical Association. A letter is currently being circulated among general practitioners, which argues that this approach is “the best choice to cause maximum disruption for government, but minimal harm to patients”. BMA deputy chair Dr David Wrigley, chair of BMA London regional council Dr Gary Marlowe, GPC members Dr Jackie Applebee, Dr Louise Irvine,... Readmore

Biggest Reorganising of Ambulance Service in 40 Years Announced

A major reorganisation of the ambulance service will fewer 999 calls classified as a life-threatening. The shake-up is considered the largest in 40 years of this critical aspects of the healthcare system, with the aim of reducing the number of incidents requiring a particularly rapid response. NHS England has approved the new approach, with ministers signing off the new arrangement. It is presumed that the new guidelines will result in approximately 8% of callouts being classified as requiring... Readmore

Practices to Vote on Collective Closure of Lists

General practices across the country have been sent a critical letter on an indicative vote. The text of the letter question surgeries on whether they will be prepared to participate in a collective closure of practice lists. This headline-grabbing activity would be a response to the perceived failure of NHS England’s GP Forward View to provide adequate resources. And the British Medical Association is now asking doctors whether they would temporarily suspend patient registrations, or apply... Readmore

Migrants to be Forced to Pay for Non-Urgent Treatment

The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is currently finalising plans which will see migrants essentially refused access to non-urgent NHS treatments. This new policy will see such individuals forced to pay up front for minor treatments by the end of the calendar year. Critics of this policy have pointed to the fact that it was not included in the Queen’s Speech. But the Department of Health nonetheless expects to implement the decision of Hunt in the foreseeable future. The policy will... Readmore

UK Drugs Industry Takes Court Action in Price Conflict

A consortium of major pharmaceutical countries is taking the NHS to court in order to prevent what it considers to be unfair limitations on drug pricing. This latest legal action follows on the back of a government initiative put in place in April. The action was intended to limit funding for medicines to those that cost the NHS less than £20 million annually during the first three years of utilisation. However, the pharmaceutical industry believes that this is unduly limiting, and that... Readmore

NHS Needs 5,000 More Beds to Achieve Safe Occupancy

A report authored by senior medics indicates that the NHS requires another 5,000 beds in order to achieve safe occupancy levels. Without this investment it will be impossible for the publicly-funded healthcare service to hit the critical four-hour waiting time targets, according to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The ‘Winter Flow’ project of this authoritative organisation indicated that the NHS required a serious increase in available beds in order to “combat exit block, overcrowding... Readmore

NHS Should Receive More Money After Public Sector Pay Cap Scrapped

The Chief Executive of NHS Improvement has suggested that the health service should be granted more funding if the government indeed decides to scrap the public sector pay cap. This has been a hot potato issue over the last few days, with the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn calling for more pay for public sector workers. And Jim Mackey, speaking at the Patient Safety Congress in Manchester, suggested that it would be impossible for the NHS to deliver efficiency savings that would match the funding... Readmore

UK will Continue Medicine Cooperation with EU Senior Ministers Assert

Two senior government ministers have suggested that the United Kingdom will continue to cooperate with the European Union about the recent Brexit decision. Business Secretary Greg Clark and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt indicated their belief that this deal would be “in the interests of public health and safety”. Writing to the Financial Times, the duo indicated that “the UK would like to find a way to continue to collaborate with the EU”. Among the concerns following the recent Brexit... Readmore

NHS England and NHS Improvement Appoint Joint Regional Directors

NHS England and NHS Improvement have appointed joint regional directors. The thinking behind this is to pilot the concept of a more integrated approach between the two critical healthcare organisations. Under the new arrangement, a joint director for the South East and South West have been appointed. Anne Eden, currently NHSI’s regional managing director for the South and Jennifer Howells, who is currently NHS England’s regional director for the South West and its interim for the South... Readmore

NHS Illegally Handed Google Patient Data

The NHS data watchdog has discovered that the NHS has illegally handed patient data to Google. This information relates to over 1.5 million people, after the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust in London "failed" to comply with data protection rules. Such reports will be of particular concern to those who criticised the NHS collaboration with Google in the first place. Many believe that it was inappropriate for the healthcare authorities to agree this deal, and that it will have massive privacy... Readmore

NHS Makes Record Antidepressants Prescriptions

Official figures indicate that the NHS prescribed a record number of antidepressants over the last 12 months, indicative of a general upward trend in the prescription of these pills. Antidepressants can often be controversial, particularly as it can be difficult for those taking them to cease the medicinal programme. And the figures raise questions regarding whether doctors are distributing antidepressants too lightly. The data could also be interpreted as indicative of the growing psychological... Readmore
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