Health Chief Warns that Tory Cuts Could Finish the NHS

One of the most important individuals in the NHS has opined that austerity policies being operated by the Conservative party could lead to the end of the NHS that we are familiar with. The crisis gripping the cash-strapped health service could “bring into question is the entire sustainability of the NHS model”, Chris Hopson commented. And speaking before MPs, Chief Executive Simon Stevens blamed ministers for failing to invest satisfactorily in the health service. Several authoritative... Readmore

Adults Being Treated in Children’s Wards due to NHS Crisis

The crisis engulfing the NHS system is so severe that many hospitals are completely running out of beds and being forced to treat adult patients on wards usually reserved for children. This is just the latest example of the unprecedented demand for care caused by what could be considered a growing winter crisis. Numerous hospitals across the healthcare system have resorted to this emergency measure, with reports flooding in from all over the country of such efforts. For example, Croydon... Readmore

Detailed MRI scans Advocated by Medical Research

Researchers from several British universities have produced a study which suggests that combining an MRI scan with ultrasounds could prevent misdiagnosis. The study was conducted by researchers from The University of Sheffield, the University of Newcastle, the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Women's Foundation Trust, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Funding was provided by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme. Scientists involved in the research... Readmore

Labour MP Suggests NHS Funding Should Entirely Come from National Insurance

A senior Labour MP has suggested that the NHS should be funded entirely via National Insurance contributions. Frank Field made this comment during a submission to a parliamentary enquiry into health service funding. The Labour MP believes that the NHS is currently on extremely shaky foundations, and suggests that adjustment should be made to National Insurance in order to address the situation. An immediate one penny increase in National Insurance and further reforms to the tax would help... Readmore

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Collaborate on Sustainability and Transformation Plan

A spokesman for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire NHS region has indicated that institutions in the area will endeavour to engage in a dialogue with the public. The two counties are currently collaborating on a sustainability plan for NHS services, and have moved to ensure the public that their views will be taken on board as part of this process. Eventually, a joint Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), in order to implement the NHS Five Year Forward View, with be released by the counties. Plans... Readmore

BMA Preparing Wide Range of Industrial Action Following Strike Cancellation

As the fight over the junior doctors' contract imposition continues, the British Medical Association has indicated that further industrial action will probably be taken. The union which represents doctors in the NHS system had already announced that planned strikes would be postponed for the time being, but the BMA also states that it will seek alternative forms of protest. Ultimately, the five-day strikes planned in the coming months were deemed too controversial and potentially hazardous... Readmore

King’s Fund Report Documents Record Waiting Times

The escalating level of demand for NHS services is resulting in waiting times reaching record levels. So asserts the Quarterly Monitoring Report from The King's Fund. According to the authoritative think tank, there were an estimated 3.8 million patients waiting for treatment in June 2016; the highest level for nearly a decade. Over one-million patients were admitted to hospital from Accident and Emergency departments in Q1 2016/17 alone, with the number of patients attending A&E also... Readmore

NHS Providers Issues NHS Collapse Warning

The body responsible for representing hospitals across England has issued a stark warning that the NHS is on the verge of collapse due to the escalating funding shortage in the health sector. Financial difficulties in the public healthcare system should already have been evident from the £2.5 billion deficit which was accumulated in the most recent financial year. But Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, wrote in The Observer newspaper that years of underfunding has left the existing... Readmore

NHS Bed Blocking Reaches New Record Level

The number of days lost to bed blocking in England had reached its highest monthly level on record. New official figures indicate that the number of days lost to bed blocking soared to 184,188 in July compared to the 147,376 days in the same period last year. Meanwhile, the number of patients delayed at midnight on the last Thursday of July is also at a record high. There were 6,364 patients taking up beds at this point, the highest monthly figure since the data was first collected in August 2010. NHS... Readmore

Institute of Public Policy Research Suggests NHS Collapse Possible Without EU Workers

According to a leading think tank, the NHS would literally collapse without 57,000 workers who are EU nationals. The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggests that these valued professionals should be offered free British citizenship in order to prevent a healthcare disaster. IPPR comments that the concessions to EU nationals living in Britain are needed to prevent a post-Brexit brain-drain of talent harming the economy. Chris Murray, who compiled the report, stated that there... Readmore

Former Health Minister Paints Bleak NHS Picture

The coalition health minister from 2012-2015, Norman Lamb, has offered a damning verdict on the existing situation in the NHS. Writing in the Daily Mail, Lamb paints the picture of a health service system at breaking point. No doubt the comments of the former minister will be extremely familiar to healthcare professionals, even if there is some scepticism regarding the record of Lamb in government. Lamb suggests that the system is struggling to cope with the sheer weight of patients that the NHS is required... Readmore

Junior Doctors Committee to Call for Further Junior Doctor Industrial Action

The Junior Doctors Committee (JDC) of the British medical Association has called on the union to authorise further strike action as the ongoing row over contract continues. The full council will be asked to support industrial action from early September, as healthcare professionals continue to play hardball with the government and authorities. In response to the contractual terms offered to junior doctors, the JDC suggests that concerns that the organisation has expressed have not been satisfactorily... Readmore
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