LMCs Call for Capita to be Held to Account

LMCs are calling for NHS England to be held to account over problems with the primary care support service delivered by Capita. And it is also suggested that surgeries affected by the poor working practices of Capita should be offered compensation. LMC leaders have backed a motion which labelled the management of primary care support services by capita as “shambolic”. With extra workload having been incurred in many cases, LMCs believe that many organisations within the healthcare system... Readmore

Health Committee Calls for Refined Suicide Strategy

The publication of a progress report on the suicide prevention strategy of the government has drawn a strong response from the Health Committee. While the committee welcomed the conclusions of the report, it asserted that the government must take tangible action to ensure effective implementation. In December 2016, the Committee published an interim report on suicide prevention in order to inform the government’s updated suicide prevention strategy. The government has now published its update... Readmore

Super Partnership in Birmingham to Register as a Single Entity

A Birmingham-based super partnership believes that it will become one of the first large-scale GP providers to register as a single entity. Mark Newbold, managing director of Our Health Partnership, describes the new super partnership as a “newly registered single entity with 30 registered locations”. At present, there are no 'at scale' GP providers registered as a single organisation with the Care Quality Commission. But the CQC has yet to confirm whether the Our Health Partnership... Readmore

Oxford University Study Casts Doubt on NHS Diabetes Strategy

A study conducted by researchers at Oxford University suggests that the NHS program for tackling Type II diabetes may have minimal impact. The screening procedure maybe unsuccessful owing to the fact that inaccurate blood tests would provide too many people with an incorrect diagnosis. Additionally, the study suggests that lifestyle changes advocated by the government have had a minimal success rate in terms of reducing the incidence of diabetes in England. Defending its initiative intended... Readmore

Greater Manchester Best for IVF According to Campaign Group

An IVF campaign group has discovered that Greater Manchester features the highest quality fertility treatment anywhere within the NHS system. Yet the Fertility Fairness campaign suggests that the quality of IVF treatment delivered within England is generally sub-standard. Of 209 clinical commissioning groups, Fertility Fairness believes that only four are meeting national guidelines on IVF treatment. And all four of these clinics are located in Greater Manchester, characterised by the offering... Readmore

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Collaborate on Sustainability and Transformation Plan

A spokesman for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire NHS region has indicated that institutions in the area will endeavour to engage in a dialogue with the public. The two counties are currently collaborating on a sustainability plan for NHS services, and have moved to ensure the public that their views will be taken on board as part of this process. Eventually, a joint Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), in order to implement the NHS Five Year Forward View, with be released by the counties. Plans... Readmore

NHS Digital Lauds Granting Local Pharmacists Access to GP Patient Records

Granting local pharmacists access to summary information from GP patient cuts administration time in dealing with pharmacists by as much as 80% in some cases, according to NHS Digital. One pharmacist cut down on calls to their local GP practice from 200 to just 30 a month after being given access to the practice's summary care records (SCRs), according to Harpreet Shergill. Shergill is NHS Digital's lead for rolling the scheme out across community pharmacy. With some practices having... Readmore

NHS Scotland Whistleblowers Hotline is Failing According to Figures

An NHS Scotland whistleblowing helpline has been subjected to criticism after the number of calls that it received declined considerably. A new report suggests that calls being fielded by the helpline has plummeted by 75% since it was initially created just two years ago. Critics suggest that it is ultimately utterly toothless, and can be considered little more than a token effort to address any whistleblowing issues. Public Concern at Work (PCaW), an independent charity, has been paid over... Readmore

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Search Underway

The search to replace Dame Julie Mellor as the parliamentary and health service ombudsman has commenced, with job advertisements placed in prominent media publications. Mellor had resigned back in July, after a four-year tenure in the role. It has been revealed that the executive had failed to act on information that revealed her then deputy, Mick Martin, had been involved in covering up the sexual harassment of an NHS trust director. The advert for the job suggests that it is “one of the most... Readmore

Three Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups to Merge

The three clinical commissioning groups located in Manchester have committed to a formal merger by the end of the financial year. This news was broken by an independent options appraisal, which indicated that North, South and Central Manchester CCGs will form a single entity by April 2017. In addition to the merger, the three organisations will also seek to formally establish a single commissioning function for health and social care with Manchester City Council. Consultancy firm Deloitte... Readmore

NICE Offers Advice on Multiple Long-Term Conditions

NICE has suggested that GPs should develop tailored care plans for patients with multiple long-term conditions. The authoritative healthcare organisation also believes that working alongside such patients closely, in order to help decide whether it is in their best interest to stop or start certain treatments, is preferable for GPs. This latest guidance is the first time that NICE has attempted to address more than a single condition at one time. And it calls for doctors to take a tailored... Readmore

Department of Health Launches Cosmetic Surgery QA Process

New government proposals will regulate the cosmetic surgery industry, resulting in clinics which are not up to the requisite standard being named publicly. The Department of Health is addressing the issue following the number of such clinics escalating rapidly in the UK in recent years. With the intention of ensuring that the industry is appropriately regulated, the Department of Health has announced its intention to engage in an eight-week consultation with the Care Quality Commission over the existing... Readmore
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