Six-Month Waits for Surgery Triple in Four Years

The Royal College of Surgeons has stated that the number of patients waiting at least six months for surgery has increased by 300% over the last four years. Over 130,000 patients were forced to wait in excess of half a year for an operation in March, which compares with just 45,000 in March 2013. Nonetheless, although this can be considered worrying data, it should be pointed out that 90% of patients were still treated within 18 weeks. Responding to criticism, a spokeswoman for NHS England... Readmore

CQC Inspectors Criticise Trust Over Missed Deadline

Care Quality Commission inspectors have criticised a troubled hospital trust for failing to meet deadlines related to care. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust had been particularly criticised for allowing patients to die on trolleys. And the publication of a preliminary report from the commission revealed that patients have been placed on trolleys in the corridors of Accident and Emergency even when space was available. This led to considerable criticism after it was included in May board... Readmore

GPs Request Support in ORder to Challenge CQC Ratings and Inspections

The approach of the Care Quality Commission has been challenged by some prominent individuals working within the healthcare system. While the efforts of the regulator have steadily evolved during its short existence, there is still a feeling that sometimes the standards set by the Care Quality Commission are too stringent. And proposing a motion at the LMC conference in Edinburgh earlier this month, Dr Umar Tahir from Manchester LMC suggested that the commission must change in order to meet... Readmore

New Mental Health Alliance Created in South London

A new contract has been initiated in south London with the aim of revolutionising adult mental health services. South London commissioners have signed off a £650 million deal over the next 10 years, intended to achieve efficiency savings of approximately 10%. Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group and Lambeth council will now begin the process of identifying suitable providers. Those selected will be required to create an alliance, and then coordinate and deliver support and services for those... Readmore

LMCs Call for Capita to be Held to Account

LMCs are calling for NHS England to be held to account over problems with the primary care support service delivered by Capita. And it is also suggested that surgeries affected by the poor working practices of Capita should be offered compensation. LMC leaders have backed a motion which labelled the management of primary care support services by capita as “shambolic”. With extra workload having been incurred in many cases, LMCs believe that many organisations within the healthcare system... Readmore

Care Quality Commission Rates Independent Provider as Outstanding

The Care Quality Commission has rated an independent provider as outstanding; the highest commendation offered by the commission. Horder Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex, has been rated outstanding overall, with its caring and responsive qualities particularly praised. Safety and leadership at the organisation was also considered well above average. Horder Healthcare is responsible for running the organisation, and the private healthcare company indicates that 98 per cent of its outpatient... Readmore

Labour Pledges Additional £37 Billion of NHS Expenditure

The Labour party has indicated its intention to spend an additional £37 billion on the NHS in England over the next five years. This investment will include £10 billion on upgrading key IT systems and repairing buildings. Labour indicates that the plans will be funded by tax increases and capital borrowing. Commenting on the matter, Jeremy Corbyn blamed NHS cyber attacks on Tory cuts, promising that a Labour government would result in a service “fit for the modern day”. But the Tories... Readmore

NHS Bosses Call for Pay Cap to be Lifted to Ensure Safety

NHS bosses have indicated their belief that the pay cut for staff working within the NHS must be lifted in order to ensure patient safety. NHS Providers suggests that the current pay situation in the NHS is causing severe recruitment and retention difficulties. As it stands, pay rises are limited to 1% annually between now and 2019. But NHS Providers has called on whichever party wins the imminent general election to reassess the decision immediately. The Labour Party has stated that... Readmore

St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust Faces Estate Scrutiny

A new £200 million estates plan will attempt to ensure that a struggling foundation trust is fit for purpose. St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust constructed this formal strategy at the behest of NHS Improvement, following a sub-par performance in a Care Quality Commission inspection. Indeed, the commission issues a warning notice to the trust for breaches in regulations related to safe and fit premises; one of the most damning assessments that the commission has conducted... Readmore

NHS Spending Facing Real Terms Cuts According to Institute for Fiscal Studies

Public policy analysis has revealed that NHS funding will fall by 1.3% in real terms by the end of the decade. This will be due to the growth and ageing of the population, while inflation will also play a role in this phenomenon. Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) indicates that Department of Health spending will have increased by 12% in real terms since 2009. This will outstrip population growth over the same period, once the age structure of the same population is taken... Readmore

Less than 20% of Special Measures Trusts Have Made Satisfactory Improvements

Less than 20% of trusts that have been placed in special measures due to inadequate care have improved satisfactorily in order to be removed within 12 months. In total, 27 trusts have been placed in special measures by the Care Quality Commission since 2013. Yet only five have been able to exit this circumstance within a twelve- month period, and all of these were from the original eleven placed in the regime in 2013. Regulators guidance from 2014 states that “it is intended that the usual... Readmore

£100 Million Compensation Bill for North East NHS Over Last Two Years

The compensation bill for mistakes in the NHS in the north east reached over £100 million over the last two years, according to official data. Figures indicate that clinical negligence claims reached a total of £108,367,7062 in 2014/15 and 2015/16. This represents a significant rise over the £78 million that was paid out over the two previous financial years. Hospital leaders responded to the figures by stating that the complex medical cases that the north east NHS region has been forced... Readmore
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