NHS Figures Point to Worst Ever Performance

New NHS figures reveal that over 5,000 patients were not treated within the 28-day target in April; the highest figure in the last decade. During the same period, nearly 75,000 NHS operations in England were postponed at the eleventh hour. This is also a 10-year high according to official figures. The Royal College of Surgeons has blamed the overwhelming pressure on Accident and Emergency departments, and suggested that shortages of staff, parents and general resources all contributed to the overall... Readmore

New NHS Improvement Regulator Launches

The long-awaited NHS Improvement organisation has finally launched, with Monitor, the Trust Development Authority and numerous other regulatory bodies being replaced immediately. NHS Improvement will amalgamate the work previously done by Monitor, the NHS Trust Development Authority, Patient Safety, the National Reporting and Learning System, the Advancing Change Team and the Intensive Support Teams. In addition, the new organisation will be tasked with ensuring that healthcare providers are held... Readmore

Monitor Instructs NHS Trusts Nationwide to Begin Staff Cull

Hospitals are being instructed to cut staffing levels significantly as the NHS grapples with a growing funding crisis. The decision made by NHS regulators will leave critical healthcare professionals such as nurses and other frontline medical workers facing unemployment. NHS regulators have taken the controversial decision despite intense concern among hospital bosses and health unions that reducing staff will hit quality of care, patient safety and staff morale, while increasing waiting times. Yet... Readmore

Monitor Steps in Over County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS regulator Monitor has indicated that a North East hospital trust is to be investigated owing to poor financial performance. County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust faces a budget deficit in the region of £15 million for the next financial year. Monitor has stated that it intends to examine the trust in order to “better understand the causes of the financial challenge” that the organisation evidently faces. This issue is just the latest indication of massive financial problems... Readmore

Monitor to Unveil NHS Whistleblowing Policy

Monitor has announced that it will publish plans for a national whistleblowing policy. The health regulator will insist on every organisation within the NHS adopting this new policy. This singular whistleblowing policy, that will thus operate across the NHS, has been drawn up by a collaboration of three organisations. Monitor, the NHS Trust Development Authority and NHS England drafted the policy co-operatively as a result of the Freedom to Speak Up review published earlier this year by Sir Robert... Readmore

Monitor Boss Suggests £2 Billion NHS Deficit Inevitable

The outgoing boss of the health regulator Monitor has suggested that NHS providers will face massive problems in ensuring that the deficit of the health service dips beneath projected figures. Recent predictions related to the health service indicate that a hefty deficit of £2 billion is expected by the end of the fiscal year. With regard to this, Bennett has suggested that national bodies must ensure tariff prices for next year impose a savings requirement of no more than 2 per cent. In fact,... Readmore

Monitor Concerned by Financial Decline at Heart of England Foundation Trust

Figures acquired by Monitor indicate that the Heart of England Foundation Trust is suffering from a serious financial deficit. According to the health regulator, a lack of rigorous financial control at the foundation trust will lead to a deficit in the region of £63 million during the fiscal year. Monitor has emphasised that it is essential for the Heart of England Foundation Trust to implement a recovery plan as soon as possible. Papers published ahead of a board meeting show that spending on clinical... Readmore

Monitor Steps in Over Doncaster Foundation Trust Funding

Monitor has stated that it is currently in the process of investigating the finances of a hospital trust. Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is currently running at a £12.6m deficit. The health regulator indicated that the foundation trust had reported a significant deterioration in funds over the last few months. Monitor remains concerned that the trust will ultimately record a massive loss over the existing financial year, which would be particularly disturbing considering... Readmore

Monitor Steps in Over Ambulance Service Failings

The health regulator Monitor has criticised ambulance bosses in a move that could greatly influence the future of the emergency service. It has been suggested that managers of the ambulance service could be forced to resign their positions after systemic failings over the handling of NHS 111 calls. Monitor specifically criticised the South East Coast Ambulance Service over a project which increased how long some patients were forced to wait for ambulances. The organisation was guilty of transferring... Readmore

Monitor Takes Action at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

The health regulator Monitor has stepped in to address problems in a trust based in Somerset. Monitor has decided to take action on behalf of patients at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, with the organisation is struggling to deal with financial difficulty. An investigation has been carried out into the finances of the trust, and the regulator has decided that Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has failed in its responsibilities to its patients. Monitor believes that the interest... Readmore

Monitor Confirms New Leadership Team for Heart of England Trust

Monitor has confirmed that a new leadership team has been appointed at one of the most prominent NHS trusts. The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to appoint a new interim leadership team, after the trust conceded that it was in breach of its license. According to Monitor regulations, NHS trust services must operate in accordance with regulatory licenses. And in the case of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Monitor recommended that the trust should reorganise its managerial... Readmore

Monitor Announces New Contractual Plans in the Mental Health Sector

The health regulator Monitor has signalled its intention to move the mental health sector away from block contract funding in the near future. Mental health providers will be required to adopt new payment systems as part of the new initiative from April 2016. As plans for the new payment system accelerate, Monitor has launched a consultation on the subject. This plan would mean that mental health providers and commissioners would be forced to adopt either year of care, episode of treatment, or capitation... Readmore
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