Altrincham Hospital Commended by Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission has assessed Altrincham Hospital as being 'good' in its overall operation. Altrincham Hospital is a new facility which provides a high quality, modern and user-friendly environment for patients and staff and a wide range of general and specialist outpatient and diagnostic services. The independent regulator recently assessed the care provided at the hospitals and community services which are run by Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, of which... Readmore

Care Home in Cornwall Commended by Care Quality Commission

A care home in Hayle has been assessed as 'good' by the Care Quality Commission in a new report. Glencoe Nursing and Care Home has acquired the favourable rating after both staff and residents of the home provided positive evidence to the commission. With many care homes across the health service having been given negative reviews, the rating for the Glencoe care home will be particularly welcome. In its report, the Care Quality Commission explained many of the positive aspects of the operation... Readmore

Care Quality Commission Report Warning Over NHS Staffing Levels

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) report has identified that many care homes are in need of an influx of staffing in order to maintain levels of care. It has been well documented recently that the social care sector faces some of the biggest challenges of any NHS department. This is particularly magnified by the fact that the UK population is ageing, and that demographic trends indicates that an increasing proportion of the general public will require social care in the coming years. While there... Readmore

Mixed Reviews for Care Homes from Care Quality Commission

A care home in Hayle has been labelled as 'good' by the Care Quality Commission, while another in Petersfield has been swiftly closed after negative reports. Glencoe Nursing and Care Home was lauded by inspectors after a recent report. "People told us they felt safe at the service and with the staff who supported them. People told us, 'It is lovely, it is my home. I like it here. People are lovely,' and 'It is a very good place to stay. I had no hesitation to come here.' A health professional... Readmore

Aughton Care Home Praised by Care Quality Commission

An Aughton, Lancashire care home has been praised by the Care Quality Commission for the quality of life it offers to its residents. Springfield Court was inspected on 29th February this year and inspectors rated the home as 'good' in all areas. 56 adults currently reside in the home, and the staff of Springfield Court can be proud on becoming one of the minority of healthcare organisations considered better than adequate. Inspectors commented in the report that the standard of care and quality... Readmore

Keighley Care Home Puts Action Plan in Place to Address CQC Concerns

A Keighley care home ranked as requiring improvement says an action plan has been put in place to tackle the issues raised. Although the situation in Keighley will be of concern to local residents, it should be noted that the care quality commission has tended to report negatively on healthcare institutions during its history. The Housing & Care 21 scheme at Staveley Court, Ingrow, which supports people to stay independent in their own flats, received the rating following a Care Quality Commission... Readmore

Care Quality Commission Considers Gables Care Home to be Unsafe

A care home has been judged unsafe by a team of inspectors from the NHS regulator, following an unannounced visit. The Care Quality Commission has instructed the Gables Residential Home to make improvements. It is interesting to note that the visit in question was unannounced, as this will become a more central aspect of CQC strategy from hereon in. The commission has already announced this aspect of its forthcoming strategy as it attempts to operate more efficiently. Action was demanded in a report... Readmore

North West Residents to Share Ambulance Experiences as CQC Ramps up Action on Service

Residents have been asked to share their experiences with the North West Ambulance Service as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) prepares to inspect the trust. The CQC will inspect the ambulance service imminently and our seeking views and experiences of patients and their families to help them to decide on areas to focus on. Professor Sir Mike Richard, the chief inspector of hospitals, commented on this issue, outlining its importance “Last year NHS ambulance services received over nine million... Readmore

Care Quality Commission to Ramp Up Unannounced Inspections

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced plans to increase the number of unannounced inspections of general practice in the remainder of this decade. As part of its ‘Shaping the future: CQC’s strategy of 2016 to 2021’ document, the commission has indicated that it will particularly target practices that have previously received reports of poor standards of care. This is part of an overall strategy of using its resources more efficiently, as pressure comes on the CQC as part of the overall... Readmore

Care Quality Commission to Pare Down Hospital Assessments

It has been announced that the Care Quality Commission will undertake fewer and smaller inspections of hospitals in England in A reversal of the previous government policy. The new procedure Is the supposedly tough inspection regime for hospitals which was previously announced by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. This had originated in order to attempt to ensure that there was is repeat of the Mid Staffordshire care scandal. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulator will instead rely more on information... Readmore

Quality of Care Deteriorating According to Research

New research indicates that patient care across the NHS could suffer significantly following the massive overspend in the health service last year. Poor budgeting has seemingly contributed to the £2.5 billion deficit in 2015-16, which was more than three times the figure recorded in the previous financial year. Many trusts will now need to utilise extra money being provided this year in order to bail themselves out of the existing financial predicament, meaning that patient care could suffer significantly. As... Readmore

Judicial Review of Care Quality Commission Processes Mooted

The group responsible for managing the funding of the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) has supported the notion of a judicial review against the Care Quality Commission. Those who advocate this review suggest that the inspection process conducted by the commission is unfair and inequitable, and cannot be considered to be within the parameters of natural justice. The General Practitioners Defence Fund (GPDF) has written to members of both the LMC and GPC in order to raise the issue relating... Readmore
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